It’s Been Real

•February 25, 2009 • 39 Comments

Well, I’m sad to say that due to ongoing connectivity problems with Second Life, Nicolas and I will be parting ways with both the grid and the blog.

When we first started Bonnie & Clyde I’m not sure we knew quite what we were getting ourselves in to.  Initially we looked at this as a way to journal our own personal and collective style(s) and see the evolution of our avatars over time.  Beyond that it became an amazing creative outlet and remained something we enjoyed doing right up until the last post and I’m sure we will come to miss it.

Little did we know the true scope of what having a voice in the fashion community could offer.  Some of our greatest and truest SL friends were met through blogging and it has afforded us some great in-world business opportunities along the way.  For both of these things we are so very grateful.

On the flipside, we know from first hand experience how drama laden blogging can be (we edited out the ‘fuck you’ dedications after some careful thought), but I would hope that doesn’t discourage any current or future bloggers. This fashion community that so many of us call home is made up by not 1 or 2 people, but by the hard work and creativity of each and every blog – love them or hate them.

So, in case it wasn’t obvious, we will no longer be accepting review copies and would like to thank the designers that have shared their creativity and hard work with us so that we might share it with others.  Also, a sincere apology to those who have sent us copies recently as we will not be able to post them as we normally would.

This is goodbye for now, but there’s no telling if we may be back in the future.  Again, thank you to everyone who has made this experience so much richer than we ever imagined it could be.

You stay classy, fashionistas (and fashionistos!).

xoxo Bonnie & Clyde (aka Dahlia Eilde and Nicolas Sinatra)

P.S. We haven’t disappeared completely.  If you would like to contact us we can be reached at and and of course we’re on plurk if you’re curious about what we ate for breakfast or how we feel about the weather.  😉


Thanks for the memories!



•February 10, 2009 • 10 Comments

Keiko Morigi first found acclaim for her photography and editing skills, a testament of which is her highly popular flick stream.  No surprise really that her artistry translates in to the world of fashion with ease and her store &Bean has been quickly building an inventory of unique outfits and must have separates.  Her creations are also very en pointe where trends are concerned, making it easy to meld fashion with your own personal sense of style.


Both the jacket and pants are from &Bean, and while they’re sold as separates, I couldn’t resist matching them up. I tried a few shirts with this outfit, but found that a simple black bra completed the look and really allowed the detail on the high waisted pants to shine (love those zippers!).

The bra might be a bit much for day-to-day gridlife, but I love it from an editorial viewpoint.  For a toned down alternative, MichaMi’s glam tanks look great with these pants (and just about everything else!).

I could go on, but I think the thing I love most about this outfit, and &Bean’s pieces in general, is that it’s seemed to find a fashion loophole by being retro and modern at the same time. Gotta love those fashion cycles, and Keiko, and &Bean. ❤

P.S. Keiko names most of her products after song titles and her entire store makes for a killer playlist.


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Parlez-Vous Français?

•January 24, 2009 • 10 Comments

This outfit is definitely French inspired.  I have a soft spot for most things French, from movies (Amélie) to music (Cara Bruni – idk what you think of her hooking up with the President, but she has a pretty voice) and for whatever reason, I throw stripes in to that category as well.  They just have that ‘je ne sais quoi’. 😛


We recently did a ton of shopping and re-visited an old favourite, Emery, where I found this great striped sweater and pair of skinny, black, zippered pants/leggings bundled up in one outfit, Dora.  The legging bottoms extend on to the foot a little bit, a look I love with ballet slippers or flats. Something I’ve always loved about Emery is they are one of the few places that I wear the outfit as-is out of the folder.  I’m constantly mixing and matching, but sometimes it’s nice to just right click and add to outfit.

Moving on, all I needed were a few accessories, and luckily this sweet little hairstyle from !lamb doubled as an accessory with its beret, though I (and just about everyone on Plurk) are eagerly awaiting hatless versions.  Gloves, specs, flats, and a French designer bag by Polina Kaestner and I am ready to tuck myself in to a café for the rest of the day.

French Stripes

Now that I feel Paris bound, I will leave you with a little ditty by the First Lady of France. À la prochaine!

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: Carla Bruni – Quelqu’un M’a Dit


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From Pages to Pavement

•January 15, 2009 • 7 Comments

The fashion buzz of the week in our household was definitely all about AOHARU and their 50% off anniversary sale.   It’s funny to think back when the mainstore, let alone only store, was a small building at Creator’s Pavillion when you land on their uber packed sim, but the pushing and the lag is sooooo worth it.

Taking advantage of the season, Nic and I put together an outdoor and an indoor look.  We played around with the theme idea ‘From Pages to Pavement’, so my outfits will be a quirkier, fiction based style compared to Nic’s practical, realistic ones. Keh? Keh!


One thing I think machang Pichot is especially good at is bridging the gap between the mainstream and kawaii style, so I’ve tried to straddle both with each look.  I was able to go head-to-toe AOHARU, save for a couple of accessories, and their skin and hair proved to be great inspiration in putting together the final outfits.  I won’t gush about how great all of their stuff is as I’ve done that before, but it really is.  XD


As promised, Nic kept his look more prêt-à-porter with versatile pieces and scene appeal.  AOHARU has grown from not having a menswear line at all, to having one of the best men’s outerwear selections on the grid and Nic was quick to take advantage of this Rider Jacket to complete a classic, city slick style.  Blurring the lines of outdoor and indoor fashion, he used the Afghan Stole to top off a scene inspired look that is totes worthy of a myspace shoutout.

Speaking of which, we have landed on Plurk!  Find us and friend us if you’re so inclined @ dahliepop and nicolassinatra respectively.  We do it for the nanner dance.



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The Lioness

•January 4, 2009 • 8 Comments

Tonight LionSkins will be releasing their third line of skins, SU, and living up to its brand name you’ll feel like queen of the proverbial jungle – at least I did. /me roars.

This particular line has been several months in the making, which is remarkably fast when you take in to account the hand painted detail on each of the 4 skintones and 40 makeup options.  Yes, 40 at just 500L each.

I’ve chosen 2 different skintones and 2 very different makeup options to showcase below, and I’m focusing on what I believe to be the high points of this skin, and any skin really, which is the face.  Please don’t confuse this with the notion that the body is sub-par, it isn’t. The body itself is fairly average as far as skins go, and I don’t go traipsing about the grid naked (much), so naturally it’s the facial details which make this a star skin for me.


Ok, so first off to the left we’ve got #28 in pale.   I typically prefer to focus on one facial feature to attract the eye (i.e. dark eyes, muted pout), but against the alabaster skintone this overload of drama really works.  The winged inner and outer tips of the eye provide great shape and definition, and the small details like the smudged plum shadow/liner on the lower lid makes me think the love of the game is in the makeup for creator Lion Jonesford too.

Second on the roster is #30 in sun.  While the skintone is darker, a lighter, more whimsical approach was taken here and the pairing of soft grays and blues with gold is a personal fave.  In this instance, the lips are kept natural and pretty to allow the eyes to really steal the show, and that they do.  Much like its counterpart, this skin is perfect for the catwalk and creative flickr types adding an element of haute couture (yeah, I went there) to your cosmetic repertoire.

I should add, they have a lot of natural, day-to-day appropriate makeups included in their selection, but as a RL makeup artist wannabe I couldn’t resist the artistry of the outrageous.

P.S. Quick Nic update.  He’s been super busy building, and now opening, a new 1930s based RP sim, Bishop Valley.  Needless to say you can expect a vintage themed post in the near future 😉

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: Malajube – Montréal -40°C (en francais)


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Royal [CRAP]

•December 30, 2008 • 8 Comments

A relatively brief post today announcing the comeback (though I don’t think they ever really left) of designers Tenshi Vielle of [CRAP]/[BOUTIQUE] and Marni Grut of Royal Blue. Starlust ftw!

First up, we’ve got [CRAP]’s Big Knit, Big Collar. Sure it’s not brand spankin’ new, but it’s a classic piece.  This chunky knit sweater, or in my case – dress, just hits that in-between spot of the thigh so I took the plunge and opted out of pants to create a sassy knit mini.  As with most things, it looks great when paired with jeans and hem length aside this outfit is all about the collar anyway.  Should you decide to go the dress route just be sure to find some cute underwear or glitch pants – commando is only good for still shots!  I added matching patent black boots, shades and belt to give the comfy cozy wool a bit of edge.  Which brings me to my new big, blue, bag.

Bags are a bit of a weakness for me both in-world and out, but add a richly coloured oversize bag with a trademark tiara on it and I *die*.  Royal Blue’s Slouch Pouchy certainly has enough room for all of the stuff we seem to hoard – yes I’ve been looking into all of your blogger challenge bags! In addition to this, Marni has also released a whimsical ruffled collar and is now a bonafide shoe maker as you can see here and here.

All of my Ws and Bs.

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: Lenka – Trouble is a Friend


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Mind Your P’s and K’s

•December 27, 2008 • 9 Comments

Sonya Anthony of No Face has been busy with a new name, a new brand, and a new line of fashion.  Now known as Polina Kaestner, her brand Polina-Kaestner creations is slated for opening tomorrow and I have a few of my favourite pieces to share before the main event.


P-K’s sequin tank dress was the first piece in her growing collection and still remains one of my favourite little black dresses.   Sometimes sequins run the risk of being too flashy, but the dress’s monochramtic pallette keeps the overall effect glamourously understated.

The dress also comes with two different prim attachments, and while I’m wearing both for a more voluminous effect, the top one looks great solo with a pair of your favourite jeans for a casual (but not too casual) look.


The great thing about Polina-Kaestner creations is that even though the selection is small, it’s diverse.  Bags, shoes, jackets, dresses, and tops all contribute to her collective brand leaving me wanting more of everything!

The cable knit texture of the wool sweater is perfect for winter, especially when paired with P-K’s open-front trench.  For a layering junkie like myself, open-front jackets are a must!  And accessorizing was made simple with a classic black handbag and lace-up leather heels.  One stop shopping indeed.

Now, even though the store opens officially tomorrow..
/me whispers: you can get a sneak peak for yourself by clicking here.

Oh, and be sure to join the group (Polina Kaestner creations.) for a special gift to be delivered upon store opening. 🙂

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: Lily Allen – Womanizer (I <333 the original, but she does a really great, mellow, stripped down cover.)

MUSIC UPDATE: Sliimy – Womanizer (Hipsters, this one’s for you all the way from France.)


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