We’ve got the punk, everybody’s got the punk!

Oi! Oi! Oi!



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Today, punk is the name of the game, and to Nic and I that comes down to three things; individualism, protest, and a D.I.Y. mindset. We feel that these themes are especially important in light of recent events, finally bringing the issue of content theft to the forefront of our fashion community. This is something that has continually plagued designers, and not just in the fashion world as our friend and owner of Loft 3, Colleen Desmoulins, can attest to. As mine and Nic’s way of showing we care, we decree these punk themed outfits an official raised middle finger to content thieves everywhere, and a show of our support to the designers that make blogs like this one possible.

When I asked Nic “What should our next theme be?” and he replied unwaveringly “Punk.” I gulped, “Punk?”. But, I soon swallowed any reservation with the realisation that fashion is often about about pushing your boundaries to develop your own personal style and the end results are vicious!

I saw this hairstyle blogged quite a bit and was so pleased to be able to show off the blonde version. The texturing is spot on – Milla, I am SO one of those picky fair heads! I used a Ramones tee as the base for this outfit and combined some punk staples such as suspenders, fishnets, piercings (hers ‘n’ his closeups pictured above), and tartan print to further define the look in a bold palette of black, white, and red. The skirt shown above is actually two! I layered them to give some added volume with the tartan underskirt serving as a pseudo-taffeta. The black tights with one top rolled down perfectly accentuate the bright red pumps and I just couldn’t resist the tongue in cheek corporate black tie, because what is punk without a bit of humour?

I must say I was amazed at Nic’s arsenal of punk themed attire at the ready, all of which stemmed from his prized Sex Pistols tee. The plaid patched jacket plays to the D.I.Y. mindset and the fingerless gloves are perfect for a cig, unless of course you’re straight edge (but we all know cigs don’t count, right?). And of course, Nic can rock a pair of Converses, and the striped socks make it undeniably punk. Now, here’s the clincher – are you sitting down? Nic’s radass rolled up pants… are actually G.L.A.M capris. Yep, the women’s section. It’s become somewhat of an inside joke between us, but he’s gotten a lot less sensitive about his wardrobe secret, so if you see him in-world don’t hesitate to give him a good natured ribbing.



Hair: JADE- NANA (Blond)
Skin: Dutch Touch- Amy- No Freckles (Make Up 2)
Eyes: Tuli- Bright Blue Eyes
Lashes: Celestial Studios- Lashes (Classic 13)
Nails: Shop Seu- black nail
Shirt: Emery- Ramonero tshirt
Suspenders: Decoy- In Suspension (Black)
Tie: EMA- Black Flexi Tie
Skirts: Top Skirt: WRONG- PolkaDot Mini (red)
Under Skirt: WRONG- Plaid Mini (red)
Fishnets: CS & LC: Sailor Costume Fishnets (available at Burlesque Dolls)
Socks: Shop Seu- kushukushu kutsushita (Black)
Shoes: Shiny Things- Signature Slingback (red/nighttime)
Arm Warmers: Action- Armwarmers Red Tartan
Earrings: (CS) LuLu- Chunky Hoops
Piercing: FNKY!- Diamond Stud Double- Lip (chin attach)
Poses: Dilemma- Glitz and Glam 1 (Roxy Rox!)| LAP- Chillaxin


Hair: The Abyss – Illusion (Dark Ash)
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio (Origin 1[A])
Eyes: Tuli – Blue Eyes
Shirt: Emery – Godsave Black T-Shirt
Jacket: BareRose – Revolt 69 (Red)
Pants: G.L.A.M – Denim (Dirty Wash/Capri)
Belt: Chase – Classic Leather Belt (#1)
Shoes: Monogrind – Classik Dirty LLSTAR
Socks: Canimal – Mismatched Old Socks (White/Grey)
Gloves: Made Men- Young Rocky Gloves
Arm Band Right: Monogrind – Straps ‘n’ Spikes
Arm Band Left: FNKY! Spike Cuff (Mixed Tan)
Necklace: TONIC – Neck Bandana (White)
Facial Piercings: FNKY! Bling Set #001
Tattoo: Aitui – Wehi (Black Ink)
Poses: Happy Dispatch – Model Pose M10 | Happy Dispatch – Standing Pose M25


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on February 3, 2008.

8 Responses to “We’ve got the punk, everybody’s got the punk!”

  1. great post guys!!…wicked mashups, im in love with you both…can anyone say 3way?…im off to buy some capris, who knew?

  2. Thanks Lawless! Definitely check the capris, and if you need any colour advice IM Nic. I’m pretty sure he has the fatpack. LOLZ

  3. Nic here, and for your information smartass (aka Dahl), ‘Regular Dark Wash’ is my favorite.. you’re just jealous that they look better on me than they do on you!

    Thank you for the comment, Lawless. Keep reading, there’s a whole lot more to come.

    p.s. I’m sure you’ll find the capris a worthy investment! I did.

  4. Threeway? Yer math is terrible honey :p

    Law just told me about yer blog this morning and I’m diggin’ it! 😀 Yay for fun-newness and another blog to stalk daily. woot!

    Always a fan of a guy in girl’s clothing….

  5. so well written and the pictures are fantastic! *bows down* nic i have some women’s lingerie that you i bet you would rawk! 😉

  6. Haha it’s starting to sound like a key party in the making. If you can make a LAP pose for the 4 of us, count us in! 😉

  7. ROFL Boree! I don’t think Bonnie and Bonnie has quite the same ring to it.

  8. Nic here, and as Ice Cube so elegantly once put it “I’m down for whatever.”

    Not really.. Well maybe.. j/k. 😛

    But seriously. 😐

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