Freshly Squeezed

We Put the ‘O’ in Orange.


In contrast to our last post, today we bring you shiny, happy, people.

Nic is fortunate enough to live in Florida, whereas I am freezing my bum off in Canada this time of year, so the bright colours reminscent of the sunshine state made this somewhat of a vicarious post for me.

Typically, I only wear orange as an accent colour, but this richly textured dress with a bold orange base accented with shades of browns, whites, and pinks was something I just had to try. Also, this is a good example of wearing two opposing patterns and making it work, mainly because the upper pattern is much smaller, and thus a dominate pattern can emerge. Brown was an obvious choice for my shoes and accessories. The slouchy leather ankle boots and chunky wooden jewelry gave this orange dress a dose of boho chic. I kept the makeup, particularly the lips, muted and the hair loose and messy in the front to echo the bohemian flair.

The orange in Nic’s outfit is less prominent, but still makes a definite impact, especially against white. Nic was somewhat horrified at the thought of doing back to back posts in the same pants, er, capris, but we both agreed it was important to show the versatility of these girl-gone-guy threads. Last seen in the punk post, Nic takes these to street prep heights with the help of his sculptie hat, matching sculptie sneakers, and prominent polo.

One orange. Two glasses. Drink up.

P.S. We nearly called this post A SLockwork Orange. Why? Because it’s punny.




Hair: Armidi – The Soho (Vanilla)
Skin: Dutch Touch – Amy- No Freckles (Make Up 2)
Eyes: Tuli – Bright Blue Eyes
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Deviant
Nails: J’s – Vivid Pack (Orange)
Dress: Celestial Studios – Viva Babydoll (Orangesicle)
Shoes: Armidi – Oxford Leather Ankle Boot (Harvest)
Necklace: Earthtones Boutique – Boho Gypsy Necklace (Mixed Cherry Woods)
Bracelets: Earthtones Boutique – Goldust Bangles & Cedar Sphere Bracelet
Poses: Dilemma – Glitz and Glam 5| Animah- Confidant



Hair: Armidi – The Poynter (Smoked Nutmeg)
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio (Origin 1[A])
Eyes: Tuli – Blue Eyes
Shirt: boing fromage – Music Saved My Life Tee
Undershirt: boing fromage – Tintable Add-On (Polo)
Pants: G.L.A.M – Denim (Dirty Wash/Capri)
Belt: TONIC – Punched Leather Belt (Dirty White)
Shoes: AKEYO – Sneaker (White)
Hat: AKEYO – Jeep Cap (Flakes)
Right Arm Band: TONIC – Arm Bandana (White)
Necklace: Earthtones Boutique – His Prayer Rosary
Poses: Reverie – Male Stand 4 | ANIMAH – Male Macho Stand


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on February 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Freshly Squeezed”

  1. waking up to another snowy canadian morning myself, you dont know how tempted i was to just stay home and bask in the warm glow of your post…but someone has to clean those stripper poles before the lunchtime shows…and nic, casual or punk, those capris know who their daddy is now…well done!!

  2. Nic here,

    Thank you, Lawless. My only complaint is that those capris are used to junk in the trunk, but I’m taking things to a whole new level, introducing junk in the front. A lot harder than breaking in new shoes, I’ll say that much.. ouch.

    p.s. Best of luck with the stripper poles, man. Don’t catch anything TOO serious, aye?

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