ATTENTION: Calling all Blondes!

If you’re anything like me, you are awaiting a new Armidi hair release with nail-biting anticipation — thank goodness for prim nails!

Luckily, Aden Breyer has been busy creating some fabu new hairstyles, with some great blonde texturing I might add, to help curb my craving. Another thing that has people raving about Aden’s hair is the ability to mix and match within her styles. For example, the Edie with the lower half of the Regina is a super funky spin on the classic ponytail. So, while I was playing with some of my new Aden hair, I switched into one of my Armidis, forgetting to take the bangs off… and EUREKA!


It’s fairly obvious that London Armidi (the artist formerly known as Lola Marquez) and Aden Breyer are two completely individual and creative hair creators, and this is in no way the start of any more content drama. However, I am excited to show you the way that Aden’s Light Blonde bangs blend so naturally against Armidi’s Vanilla hue.


Now it’s known that I’m a big fan of clothing mash-ups, but a hair mash-up? I thought I might be going crazy so I sought a thumbs up from Nic and his discerning eye, and much to my delight he agreed they worked!


Well there you have it, three new hairstyles that were just sitting in my inventory waiting to be discovered!

Hair mash-ups? Nah… I shall deem thee, “Tangles”.

UPDATE PART II: This works at all times of the SL day ONLY if you are wearing a face light (mine is a Muism face light) otherwise it only works in noon lighting. 

UPDATE: Thanks to the investigative work of our friend Kallisto Destiny we can happily announce that this will work for all of you raven haired beauties as well. Aden’s Black shade with Armidi’s Midnight I hue can be seen in a set of Tangles here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23945672@N07/
Still waiting to hear back from any brunettes or gingers!

P.S. I should mention that Aden’s Light Blonde bangs don’t seem to work with all Armidi Vanilla styles. For example, I tested both bangs with the Angel II and there was a noticeable tone difference between the two.


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on February 22, 2008.

29 Responses to “Tangles”

  1. Aww i do this alot with hair too i keep meaning to post a discusion about it.

    I often re-texture silver hair to be more grey/slate and some content creators seem okey with it. Just make sure everyone knows you made it just for you!


    (well the present to but w/e)


  2. The future is now! Hi5 Marni and thanks for reading this post.
    I certainly don’t have the skill or the patience to retexture hair so luckily for me these were a perfect match straight out of my inventory. These “new” hairstyles are certainly ones which I will hold dear for me and only me, but I look forward to seeing what other Tangles readers come up with!

  3. Damn that’s AWESOMENESS!!! Now I wish I was a blond!
    /me rushes to try this with other colors. 😛

  4. oooOOO I’ve been wanting bangs for my SoHo for soooohoo (get it) long!! I wonder how Aden’s light blonde will match up to Armidi’s Orchid. -bounces- great find!!

  5. Strawberry, please let me know how it works with other colours for all of those brunettes and gingers out there!

  6. Thanks Valrny! I didn’t even think to try any other colours in Armidi’s platinum pack so give it a whirl and see what ya think 🙂
    Haha your cute pun made me think I could have called this post Gang Bang, how NSFW!

  7. I will as soon as I can get into LeZoo 🙂 its full. Wonder why hmm.. 🙂

  8. Ooh wow – what a happy accident! I usually wear darker shades, I’d love to know if it will work with them so I know what I’ll be doing later this evening 😀

  9. See you in Armidi later Valryn – we’ll be the onees banging on the doors of LeZoo to get in 😀

  10. Is it still full? Wow…I know Aden has Milla and Tuli available at the Appearance Mode location as well so you might try there.

  11. Oh and as soon as I get some official feedback from any of the gorgeous brunettes/redheads on the grid i’ll post an update on the blog as to whether it will work for those shades as well.

  12. Very cool! I looove happy accidents like this…what fun! Yay 4 Dahlia!

  13. I just want to say, excellent post but also, in general, your posts are a refreshing change from the same old. Thank you so much for being an original and keep up the great work!

  14. Woohoo Dove! Are you and Law going to have a happy accident (aka prim baby) anytime soon? 😉

  15. Roslin, we are so thrilled you like the blog!
    I mentioned prim nails in the opening line, which reminds me I need to pop over and snag the new ones you released. Lovely <3.

  16. I also want to agree with Roslin…I have really been enjoying the blog in general and was stoked about this post specifically. I love people who mix and match content to make it really distinctive and interesting..Cheers!

  17. Haver — thank you! I am really so glad everyone is as excited about this as we are 🙂
    As the blog is still not past the 1 month mark I know it means an awful lot to Nic and I to see that people are reading, and liking what we put out there. So, thanks again!

  18. Great post Dahlia! Definitely gonna try if this works with the black versions as well 🙂

  19. Totally! Feel free to drop me an email or IM in-world to let me know how it goes.

  20. What a fabulous idea. You guys really have something great going here. <33

  21. Tenshi, thank you so much for the kind words. But most of all for the <33, double 3s! 😉

  22. […] at Aden’s new shop in Appearance Mode. I was simply shopping for hair because of this post at Bonnie & Clyde (an excellent blog, you should check it out) when a very noob avatar teleported directly in. The […]

  23. I concur. I’m enjoying your blog 😀

  24. Nic here,

    I know I am somewhat of the quiet type most of the time, but I simply had to drop in and let you all know how much I, too, highly appreciate your comments. We’re very glad you’re enjoying the blog, and look forward to your continued readership!

    Dahl has a knack for mixing and matching, so she is constantly mixing it up with new ways to accessorize. As for me, she has and always will be my favorite accessory. ❤

  25. WOW D – You’re rocking it….Loved this post, Love Aden’s hair, love the name tangles and Armidi of course and you know me black/noir/sable/ebony and the occasional brunette/espression/chocolate and the tangles will work.

    NOTE: Aden’s black will work best, if not only, with the Armidi Midnight I, the other black in the collection are not the same tones.

    I did this quick and tangley for all of you LADIES with the brunette or darker….so sleepy this morning.
    See my FLICKR pages below:
    1) Armidi Pasadena Girl IV Midnight1 w/Aden Milla Bangs
    2) Armidi Soho Midnight I w/Aden Milla Bangs
    3) Armidi Soho Midnight I w/Aden Tuli Bangs
    —–I tried a few more than you all might like—–
    4) Armidi The St Mortiz Midnight I w/Aden Milla Bangs
    5) Armidi The Roxy Midnight I w/Aden Tuli Bangs
    6) Armidi The Glamorous I Midnight I w/Aden Milla Bangs (I love this because I always hated showing so much forehead) ???



  26. YAY Kalli! I knew I could count on you to sleuth this out. I’ll post an update ASAP.

  27. YW Dahl – I’m glad you liked it as I was really sleepy when I did this can’t ya tell : )

    But wow, think of the possibilities….JOY!!

  28. why is this woman soo gorgus haha xxxxxx
    love sarah and kelly xx

  29. в итоге: благодарю…

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