I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Nic

One of the first times I knew Nic and I were matched up like the seams of an Armidi dress was when I fully realised his love of shoes. That being said, Nic has fallen in love all over again; No, not with me, but with a sculptie shoe named Chuck.

Akeyo’s latest shoe release, Akeyo Chucks, are fully menu driven boasting features like the signature scripted re-size and 12 colour options with tinting capabilities for each part of the shoe (laces, ringlets, tongue, and main), ensuring optimum customization and versatility. Pictured below you will see a handful of colour combinations Nic illustrated, but the possibilities are virtually endless.


When asked to describe their latest creation, Artoo Magenta and Akemi Yoshikawa had this to say:

“The intention was to make them as realisitc as possible and also customizable for your own style, so you can recolor laces and all elements.” Artoo relayed.

Akemi followed up with a wink and, “There are more possible color combinations than atoms in the universe.”

Don’t believe them? Check ’em out for yourself!

AKEYO – AKEYO 127, 104, 64 (Mature)


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on February 24, 2008.

15 Responses to “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Nic”

  1. Nic,
    WOW – You have found a wonderful treasure. : ) These sneaks are amazingly detailed. I’m so intrigued by the details and the colors OH the colors. Very cool and great pictures.

  2. Nic here,

    I know right! I was rather surprised at how noticeably they differed from all the other Converse-esque kicks on the grid. They are definitely my new favorites in that respect, and I can just imagine how the scenesters will be talking come tomorrow.. Akeyo is truly putting the converse in conversation!

    Thanks for the compliments on the pictures, Kalli. PhotoshopCS2 = ❤

  3. Oh my GOD!! I neeed!!

  4. Holy Guacamole! Those are quite possibly the best sneakers I have seen on SL…I must have a pair!

  5. i bought them less then 10 mins ago and… OMG lurve them!

  6. Nice post!!!(as always)
    YAY to the newly born converse 😀
    I must get them now!!
    /me is ready to kiss her new shoes!

  7. WOW! These are fantastic

  8. + 100 fashion points nic!!!…i didnt think i could love you anymore than i did when i saw you in the capris, but….heh

  9. Law drug me along to get them, they are totally win! I agree on the passing out of fash pts for this one! Way to go Nic!

  10. Nic here,

    @antonia – My sentiments exactly! “Want” was not an option.

    @Creamy – They are definitely among the best I’ve seen on the grid, no doubt. Hah, it seems the feeling of necessity to own these is a broad one. hi5 Akemi & artoo!

    @Valle – I feel like my inventory just got an ego boost.

    @Triangle – Thank you! They give people a reason to buy the recently released “I Love My Shoes” t-shirt from Armidi, given its simple pop-artish graphic design of Converse-esque shoes set into the chest.

    @Ana – Yes, Akeyo has surely lived up to their reputation of providing quality and uniquity in their products.

    @Dove & Law – SCORE! Are these points redeemable for prizes!? How many for a designer kilt?

  11. Thank you for the heads-up! Picked up a pair and they are fab! Worth every L$! Now to decide what color to wear…

  12. I have that Tshirt Nic…YEAH!

    Photoshop CS3 and still have no clue how to use all the tools only what Dove has taught in our Saturday classes. NEW LAYER took me a few minutes to remember…..Do you take lindens for CS2 to CS3 conversion classes?

  13. Nic here,

    @monkicat – You’re very welcome, and indeed they were the most worthwhile shoes I’ve come across in respect of cost. I quite like the all white main and tongue, with beige ringlets and red laces!

    @Kalli – Yesterday I set the shoes to match the T. I looked like Barney, but I was stylin’. I haven’t yet converted to CS3, as I like CS2 just fine, so for me to teach a CS3 class would be like Britney Spears teaching a parenting class. Just wouldn’t work.

  14. OMG Nic – you just made me spit out my drink at my desk. : )

    Guess it’s back to my Photoshop CS3 For Dummies book. DANG!!

  15. I don’t even wear shoes due to me being a furry, but I’m STILL going to buy these shoes just because of how well they are done!

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