When the Rooster Crows

Without it, it’d just be Marco.

Spring fashion shows are in full swing grid-wide and while they are doing a fabulous job of putting the haute in your couture, we’ve scouted out a classic Spring staple – the polo.

Polo shirts, originally named Tennis shirts after the premier designer and seven-time grand slam tennis champion, Rene Lacoste, became a country club mainstay for prepsters and wannabes alike. We all know SL fashion imitates RL so following in the footsteps of the aforementioned we give you Ajika Lazslo of Rooster’s take on the timeless shirt.

FYI: He’s the meat in the Dahlia/Nic Sandwich pictured below.


With it’s cottony texture and hand drawn collar, Ajika has managed to bring a touch of Spring to his store’s growing clothing line with these newly released threads. He was inspired after stepping into Tommy Hilfiger and Eddie Bauer shops RL and seeing the polos he soon sought to create.

nicrooster.png dahlrooster2.png

Starting with the navy polo, it soon grew to five colours with accented detailing, so these shirts can easily be mixed and matched within your wardrobe to make for a casual look with a dash of class. Even better, it comes in jacket and shirt layers, with accompanying underpants making it ideal for stacking, which you know…I love.

And while Rooster plays to the menswear market, you can see it’s wonderfully unisex, meaning I get to steal some of Nic’s clothes this time. Speaking of stealing, these will ring in at 80L a pop and 300L for all five when they hit the sales floor today, which will make stocking up a breeze!
But, don’t take our word for it.. listen to the maker himself:

“It’s Good on its own and great for layering. Await Spring with this polo!”



Hair: Armidi – The Pasadena Girl IV (Vanilla) | Aden – Edie (Light Blonde)
Bangs: Aden – Milla (Light Blonde)
Skin: Dutch Touch – Amy – No Freckles (Make Up 10)
Eyes: D:A – Princess eye (Blue)
Lashes: Celestial Studio – Deviant
Nails: J’s – Nail Pink Pack (Pink01)
Shirt: Rooster – (Roo) Polo Shirt SpringLine (Pink)
Skirt: Armidi – Classic A001 Jean Skirt (Light)
Socks: (CS) Lulu Skelly Socks OTK (pink)
Shoes: Surf Co. – Sculpted Ballet Flats (White)
Poses: Decollage – Punk | LAP – Cheer 8


Hair: Armidi – The Poynter (Espresso)
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio (Origin 1[B])
Eyes: Tuli – Blue Eyes
Shirt: Rooster – Polo Shirt (Fatpack)
Pants: Elephant Outfitters – Classic Cargos (Golden Khaki)
Shoes: Redgrave – Sneakers (Brown)
Poses: Happy Dispatch – Model pose M10 | FORM – Stand 02


Hair: Naughty Designs – Deviance – Driftwood
Skin: Damiani Skins – Joshua Skin – Normal Tint/Shaved
Eyes: Lost – Realistic Eyes (Deep Blue)
Shirt: Rooster – (Roo) Polo Shirt SpringLine (Beige)
Jeans: Rooster – (Roo) The Alley Walker
Shoes: Akeyo – Chucks
Pose: Outrider AO

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: Beat Control – Tilly and the Wall


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on February 27, 2008.

9 Responses to “When the Rooster Crows”

  1. HAHAHA i really bady dont like polos in both lifes
    but on you guys i lub all youre F U N 😀

  2. LOL thanks Mo – and just remember, the polos like you.

  3. *wanders around the pool with her eyes closed*



    “mothereffin marco??!!?!@?”

    “buehler? anyone? anyone?”

  4. “fish out of water?”…ha, i got you both!!..i win again!!…i really like that chocolate polo…and dammit, if i see those redgrave sneakers looking good one more time, im going to have to go there and break the bank…

  5. Hahaha BoRee, you never cease to make me laugh…even early in the morning sans coffee. ❤

  6. Nic here,

    Go get them, Law.. you know you want to. New shoes call to you, just as they call to me, that voice so familiar.. go get them.


  7. Very cute you two (or three). I love polo shirts and wear them a ton in RL and oh how I love Tommy Hilfiger for men, YUM-O. Just want to sit in that section of the store and smile.

    Nic – As for the Redgrave sneaks, I have them in pink, red and black. HEH!!! They are comfy-cute. Lub them. Do you have the ones from Soreal? Cute toooo.

    Good one Bo, used to play that game in the pool all the time. : )

  8. How come I can’t be the meat in the Nic and Dahl sandwich? 😦 Or would I be the creamy mayo?

    Ew. I just grossed myself out a little bit. 😮 Go team me!

  9. The creamy mayo…wow. New nickname much!

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