Knit Happens

Since the forces behind the Armidi brand opened their doors last year they have consistently set the standard for day-to-day wear in Second Life.

So, with the warmly welcomed partial release of their Spring 2008 Collection via Elephant Outfitters, we figured the demise of Winter was on the horizon.
Together we bring you hers ‘n’ his favourites of Winter, which helped make the chilly season a little hotter.


To begin with, I love sweaters and I love dresses, so the math was pretty simple, even for me. I actually found these three sweater dresses at one of my favourite boutiques, GiGi Couture, relatively late in the season and they were just what I needed to get me through ’til Spring.

I accessorized the two solid coloured dresses with a quaint knit muffler and my favourite handbag of the season, Celestial Studio’s Hobo bag. As for the middle dress, it was so bright and funky I chose to let it shine in its full glory. Now, for head over heels, it’s Armidi. The Valley girl was my favourite pseudo up-do for winter with its natural wave, loosely knotted side pony, and heavy side swept bang. And as I have learned from many a fashionista, fashion is always looking forward. So at the risk of getting popsicle toes, I just had to show off what I’m sure will be one of my favourites of spring, Armidi’s new Dhali bow platforms.


Nic loves sweaters, and Nic loves vests… sound familiar? You get the point.

One of the most versatile pieces in Nic’s winter inventory are these argyle sweater vests from Chez. Easily dressed up with a silk shirt, or made casual yet chic with a coordinated turtleneck, it’s comfortably taken him from business meeting, to party, to campus, to just hanging out at home with lucky me!

Even though Nic was a bit bitter about the lack of an Armidi brand men’s release today (collective aww) he still stays loyal to his favourite denims which defy seasons as a year round staple.

As a side note, you can read more about Nic’s favorite things in this month’s issue of Homme Magazine as their pick for both Quintessentials and the Homme Model Search (you do NOT want to miss the cowboy pic!). Congrats, love!

Oh, and despite what any SL fashion house says, it’s still officially winter until March 20th. So snuggle up and proudly wear your winter threads before it’s too late!



Hair: Armidi – the Valley Girl (Tropez)
Skin: Dutch Touch – Amy – No Freckles (Make Up 10)
Eyes: D:A – Princess eye (Blue)
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Deviant
Dresses (L to R): GiGi Couture – Dendre Sweater (Teal) | GiGi Couture – Dendre Sweater (Brown) | GiGi Couture – Funky Knit Sweater
Shoes: Armidi Gisaci – Dhali Bow Platforms (Ivory Moss – L/R | White – Center)
Scarf: +*aya V*+ – Knit muffler 2
Handbag (L and R): Celestial Studios – Hobo Bag (Sweetheart) | Hobo Bag (Burgundy Suede)
Poses (L to R): LAP – C-Yup | LAP – Chillaxin | LAP – Diva


Hair: Armidi – The Poynter (Espresso)
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio (Origin 1[A])
Eyes: Tuli – Blue Eyes
Sweater Vest (L to R): Chez – Argyle Sweater (Crimson Wheat / Bark Lime / Black Powder)
Sweater (Center): Armidi – Classic Cashmere Turtleneck (Beige)
Shirts (L to R): Armidi – Italia Silk Dress Shirt (Creme / Sky)
Pants (L to R): Armidi – A001 Jeans (Male/Skinny Regular Classic / Chemical Classic / Black Classic)
Shoes (L to R): Shiny Things – Spencers (Brown / Burgundy / Black)
Necklace: Earthtones Boutique – His Prayer Rosary (Darkwood)
Poses (L to R): TorridWear – Leo Stand 7 | TorridWear – Leo Stand 1 (Reversed) | TorridWear – Leo Stand 3

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: Weezer – Undone (The Sweater Song)


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on March 3, 2008.

17 Responses to “Knit Happens”

  1. that red argyle was calling my name at half price at the Rue official grand opening today…does Nic know its cheating on him??..hooray for winters upcoming demise and double hoorays for you two looking good whilst waiting….congrats on the Homme two-fer Nic!!

  2. All you bloggers are making me want to get that hobo bag and I don’t even *do* bags, dangit! And yeah, ‘grats Nic! Great article! 😀

  3. Nic here,

    She’s treated me well thus far, Law, hopefully she’ll do the same for you. Wear the sweater well, and maybe… just maybe, sometimes, when you’re wearing her… she’ll think of me.

    Thanks for the congrats, man. It’s appreciated. Homme is a great magazine, I recommend anyone who has an interest in SL fashion read it; Past, present, and future issues! =)

  4. Thanks Dove! I’m kind of a bag fiend (ew that sounds gross) and I highly recommend you get this one. It’s not that expensive and there’s so many cool ones to choose from. Ok I’m done infomercialing you. But wait, there’s more! Not really though.

  5. Nic here,

    Thanks Dove, don’t think I was ignoring you. I was writing the response to Law as you were posting!

  6. Adorably yummy post you two. Love sweaters…your winter is my summer and my summers…well you don’t want to deal the heat of my summers-BLAH!

    Congrats again Nic and I’m still waiting for my Chinese food, don’t forget the chopsticks.

    Dove – Get the Hobo bag – It comes in all BLACK – HELLO, no excuse now!!!!!

  7. I adore sweater dresses too, and I thought I had just about every one on the grid, but I’m running over to pick these up. The green is just delicious! I love it!

    Congrats Nic! I did a little squeel when I saw you were chosen. Your pictures turned out amazing!

  8. Kalli – Wear your sweaters on SL, I promise you’ll sweat way less. Your summer blog would be nude if it were anything like Texas heat in-world!

    Pheobs – Hey girlie! We will have to swap sweater dress LMs as it sounds like you might have a couple that I don’t. 17 more days to wear them!

  9. Nic here (from work.. =X),

    Thanks Pheobs! They do incredible photography, don’t they!? Just when I thought I couldn’t look any better.. =P

    Hah, the Homme staff are wonderful, and Davey is quite the photographer. Great team, great magazine.

  10. Baby, don’t make me Chuck Norris your ego! Yes, Chuck Norris is officially a verb. Hiiiiyah!
    *hums Blink* Work sucks, I know.
    FYI The only way you could look any better is through my eyes. xoxo

  11. watch out dah, now that nic is officially sl famous, all of the girls will be after him…true story ask law about it he gets about 10 ims a day ;p

    im getting rid of all of my sweaters as i wont need them in sunny florida. want me to send them to you since canada is pretty cold with all of your igloos and polar bears and such?

  12. I will gladly accept all hand me down sweaters as I will be stuck in some form of winter until May or June, at least that’s what it feels like.
    And to any SLadies that want to go after Nic, just be warned…
    Oh um, yeah…thanks for reading! 🙂

  13. Dahl knows better. No offense ladies, but as far as I’m concerned, every girl on the grid put together couldn’t make up the woman that Dahlie is. She’s the cocaine to my Kate Moss. ❤

  14. Ooooh nice use of foreshadowing, love 😉
    Anyone still reading comments will understand what we mean in a day or two hopefully.

  15. oooh are you guys planning a big coke party? yay! i will bring my favorite mirror and amex card 😀

    girls – i’ve seen nic in his skivvies…hot hot hot! but dah isn’t frontin’ she will slice you 😀

  16. Dahl – I am still cracking up at your rough and tough comment. Wicked. And I will back you to…( /me whispers what’s happening in a few days?) ❤

    P.S. I got tagged, so now you’ve both been tagged, if you want to play, you’re it:

  17. LOL Bo, poor Nic was so shy all of a sudden! Our next post is about as close to a coke party as we’re gonna get I think, but oh the fun…

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