Hip Hop Hooray

Whether blowing off steam at the Velvet, catching a media stream at home, or vid surfing YouTube, it seems no matter how busy Nic and I are, when we’re together there’s always music. That being said, music is definitely one of the main forces behind this post as M.I.A.’s Paper Planes has been on loop and the video inspired these street-wise, trend relevant outfits to take us into the weekend.

Among the many trends listed for Spring, I have seen floral patterns pop up over and over. For me, florals were once looked upon as dowdy and mostly condemned to my grandmothers’ closet, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a new crop of florals blossoming grid-wide. The Karamia tunic I’m wearing has been in my inventory for some time, but I feel it’s managed to stay current with its Japanese-esque flower pattern in a black and white base so the petals take on a snow-leopard effect. See, florals can be ferocious too! I complimented the girlie accent colours with a pink mini and layered black tights for a combination that proves you can be a badass in pastels, and just in time for Easter.

While the focal point of this look is the top, the earrings were my labour of love. How frustrating it was to have the image of what I wanted in my head and not be able to find it in-world. Luckily I could breathe easy after dashing in to Kimberly Casanova Designs and laying claim to the gold bamboo earrings, which I knew would complete this look and give it the hip-hop vibe I craved. Not to mention some shades for shady business and the shoes… well I’ll leave those for Nic.

Nic has found another “solemate”. The widely blogged PornStars from UBU were just released in updated form, as if to see Akeyo’s proverbial raise. With a sculpted design and an increased bevvy of scripted options, it looks like the war of the Converse clones continues, much to our consumer delight.

Now, don’t let Nic’s prepster hoodie fool you. His look is reminiscent of that middle class kid in school that deals dime bags out of his locker, hence the ever essential cell phone. Fun fact: His ring tone is the Godfather theme song. He does toughen up his look with a studded belt, skully, bandana, and dirtied up sneaks that scream “I’m not afraid to get them dirtier, punk.” Also, check our solo snaps for some added accessories.

To sum it up, M.I.A. does this look lyrical justice:

“Everyone’s a winner, we’re making our fame, bona fide hustler making my name.”


P.S. If you aren’t privvy to the feeds, check out our lovely friend and neighbour, Mariya Nesiote, on MichaMi this week.




Hair: Armidi – The Future Pony (Vanilla)
Skin: Dutch Touch – Amy – No Freckles (Make Up 2)
Eyes: D:A – Princess eye (Blue)
Nails: J’s – Black French Pack (bf03)
Tunic: KM – Jungle Fever
Skirt: Kimberly Casanova Designs – Prim Skirt Set #1 (ND) – Jean Skirt (Pink)
Tights: Armidi – Metalic Tights (Black)
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit – PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2 (Skulls)
Handbag: Armidi Gisaci – Gordie Leather Bag (White)
Glasses: FNKY – LadyBug (Black)
Earrings: KC – Camie’s Gold Camboo Bamboo Earrings (Double)
Bangles: +plus – June Bangles
Ring: Anjels – Female Engagement Ring (Silver)
Poses: CCModelPose06cup50 | LAP – C-Now Lean Back



Hair: Argrace – Beanie (Medium Short/Dark Brown)
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio (Origin 2[D])
Eyes: Tuli – Blue Eyes
Sweater: Elephant Outfitters – Nautical Striped Hoodie (Black)
Shirt: Elephant Outfitters – EO Polo Zebra Shirt – Ice Blue 1
Pants: Armidi – A001 Jeans (Male/Skinny Regular Classic)
Pant cuffs: G.L.A.M. – Denim Full Length (Regular Dark Wash)
Belt: The Goodlife – Strife Studded Belt (Black)
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit – PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2 (Graffiti)
Bag: Little Heaven – Money Bag
Bandana: TONIC – Neck Bandana (Black)
Cell Phone: Redd Columbia – Meek Cell Phone
Poses: Redd Columbia – Meek Cell Phone | Happy Dispatch – Standing Pose m25



~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on March 14, 2008.

9 Responses to “Hip Hop Hooray”

  1. Woo!One of my favourite posts yet! MIA is ma homegirl 😉

  2. Nic here (at work),

    Glad you enjoyed the post! We definitely enjoyed making it. MIA has had me hooked since Galang.

  3. I actually really like that hoodie Nic, but then I have a weakness for black and white stripey goodness.

    I went and got the update on the pornstars too …I gotta admit though, I actually kinda like them better as the prim version – I was amazed that they were such quality AND prim. That said alot to me. Good thing I get both versions now! 😀 Yay!

  4. I hear ya Dove, the prim versions were pretty spectacular for their time. The thing that impresses me most about the sculties, as Nic pointed out to me, is how well proportioned they are. That, and anything made with sculpties kinda blows my mind, it looks so hard to do!

  5. Nic here,

    Thanks Dove, Dahl was pretty fond of the hoodie as well. The prim versions did look pretty amazing for being, in fact, prim.. but sculpties, mmmm.. I love me some sculpty.

    @Dahlie – Hey baby, how’s about checking your e-mail?

  6. Oh, I forgot to say – we misssssed you guys! 😀 Welcome back to the quiet and lonesome world of blogging. Sheesh, where haz all the people gone?

  7. Fashizzle My Nizzle. OMG – totally rocking those looks. Love all the details and accessories. Bravo!!

  8. you had me at MIA…the hoodie is a must have…im wondering if you offer frequent flyer discounts on your dime bags Nic…you see ive got the “friend” with a problem, his names erm…Joey Jo Jo… Junior… Shabadoo…

  9. @Law – Discounts can be worked out. Send me an IM, I’ll hook you up with a TP, then we can GTFO, and LMAO.


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