Jumbie Story

I’m not sure if more theft is actually occurring or if the reported coverage has just increased, either way, yet another case of theft was uncovered yesterday by Tenshi Vielle. We support her findings and hope that with increased awareness thieves will have no consumer base, thus no incentive.

That being said, we would like to showcase the original and fabulous content from a newcomer to the fashion design scene, but certainly well known for her furniture and interior design talents, Colleen Desmoulins. While she has been widely acclaimed for her work at The Loft, she enters this new area of design humbly, preferring not to call herself a designer while she hones her new found talent.

“I won’t call mysef a designer, more like a clothes maker. Designing for me means that it’s 100% you.”

Respecting her wishes, this clothes maker’s store Jumbie, which means Ghost in her native Trinidad and Tobago, is located in the atmospheric black and white Silent sim. But, to walk inside you’d forget where you were with the bursts of colour against the walls.

dahljumbiels.png dahljumbiels2.png
So, where does a clothes maker start? In Colleen’s case, necessity was the mother of invention. Her foray into the clothing realm began with a simple t-shirt needed for an event, and once that goal was accomplished she became curious as to what other skills she could build on.

“See, most people start with something and when they feel that they have a hang on that skill they try another, I know some clothing designers who started out by building. It’s nice to test your skill.” she explained.


I chose to showcase the resort jumper because it had a chic, urban feel that can easily be dressed up or down, and shades of blue are some of the hottest colours this season. Funky Friday is a versatile piece that I would find myself wearing after a long day of work as I looked forward to the weekend, and the low cut of the sweater gives it just the right amount of sass, a perfect cover up for an impromptu bonfire beach party.

dahljumbiel6.png dahljumbiel7.png
Colleen brings her knack for great texturing to each article she creates; and if you loved Armidi’s Jordyn shorts and Camie Cooper’s Weekenders, you’re sure to find Jumbie’s Lox shorts as another richly textured alternative.

As for theft, Colleen has had to face that with her furniture store, so I wondered if the thought of fashion theft deterred her at all.

The lesson I recently learned is that trying to work things out quietly with people who resort to those tactics doesn’t work. In my case I didn’t want to go public, it was not my intention to have that person stop designing, I just didnt want them to use my textures. But by me keeping quiet, it just gave them some more leeway to do it to someone else.”

Moving forward, she offered this bit of advice for those that may fall victim to theft;

“When someone steals from you let the world know, or whoever will listen.”

There you have it, be original, be fabulous, and be LOUD!


Hair: (TOP) ETD – Xaria (Blonde) | (LEFT) Armidi – The Future Pony (Vanilla) Bangs – Aden – Milla (Light Blonde) | (RIGHT) Armidi- The Valley Girl (Tropez)
Skin: Dutch Touch – Amy – No Freckles (Make Up 2)
Eyes: D:A – Princess eye (Blue)
Lashes: MMS – Thora Lashes
Ring: Anjels – Female Engagement Ring (Silver)
Poses: (TOP) happy dispatch – model pose f25 | (LEFT) LAP – C-Now Lean Back | (RIGHT) – Poseur – le chic

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: Kate Nash – Pumpkin Soup


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on March 16, 2008.

9 Responses to “Jumbie Story”

  1. Tenshi. destroyed. You are next.

  2. Perhaps you could leave us a name so we’d know who to keep looking over our shoulders for?
    Oh, and thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Nic here,

    To all readers, this is an APB! Be careful treading over the first comment! We know you’re fashionable people, with fashionable footwear, we wouldn’t want you stepping in the bullshit.

    @”me” – You forgot the “blow”.

  4. Dahlia…I am removing all the members of the seVan team access to the blog so that only I can moderate the comments, Please repost the comment you made earlier in response to Bretts apology, I will then allow him to write a response to that comment. I am not about censorship at all since I have nothing to hide. I did approve it, and that is why you saw a comment response to that…it then shortly disappeared because one of my team thought you were defamating his character.

    In regards to KSU…Seven was part of KSU, I have never been a part of that RP…(the last RP I did was in the Crack Den for about 1 month back in April 2007) I dont even know what KSU has to do with any of this.

  5. Thank you for taking control of your team Vanya. Knowing that you alone are moderating will make me more likely to post a comment there in the future. However, I should remind you that two people are behind Bonnie & Clyde and Nic was the one who posted the removed comment on your blog. After seeing that his views were basically being restated on the SCD comments he posted there instead and I see that has become an open forum for discussion on this matter and Brett is more than welcome to respond to anything he or I have said.
    As for KSU, it has absolutely nothing to do with this. That is why I was so surprised that Mayos Fride of SeVan staff chose to use that of all things against me. Stating something to the effect of me being part of such “adult rp” said a lot about me as a person. Perhaps you could ask Mayos what KSU has to do with it and get back to me as I cannot forsee myself entering a conversation with Mayos anytime soon.

  6. I can’t believe this crap is still dragging on.

  7. It’s done. We have much more important things to worry about.
    ♥ u Armidi.

  8. Dahl’s got a knife, or so I hear – and she’ll cut J00 >:o

    ❤ you guys!

  9. Hahah damn skippy Dove! ♥ you too xes and oes.

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