Detour Ahead

While Nic didn’t have as much luck clothing wise as I did this weekend, he has found another BEST pair of shoes to own. Make that two.


After seeing the post on Gogolita’s blog about Detour and the comparisons to FNKY, I thought it looked like a perfect place to take Nic being that he’s such a FNKY fan. Success!


After slipping on the demos and noting the sculpted craftsmanship, he purchased both scripted colour packs without hesitation. With six scripted colours, it’s the inventory friendly version of the fatpack, and will make colour coordinating a piece of cake when he finally finds that ever elusive outfit.


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on March 24, 2008.

6 Responses to “Detour Ahead”

  1. Oooo nice score, Nic! What kind of dent do these put on the purse?

  2. Nic here,

    Heya Dove, yes it was quite the score indeed. I’ve, again, found me some new sole mates. I love these flipping shoes, namely the Jaywalkers (the former pictured pair). You’ll end up dropping $300L on a single pair, or $900L for the scripted pair (fatpack).

  3. Very very nice design, even though I guess I would never leave my spiked WRONG boots for those:)

  4. btw …I just added this fabulous piece of blog to my blogroll:) I guess, since I check back regularily, it makes things easier …lol.

  5. Hey calixus, thanks so much for reading. Those shoes would be quite a departure from spiked WRONG boots but c’mon…indulge us!
    And thank you for the blogroll add we’re both thrilled to know you’re checkin up on us 😉

  6. Nice find Nic, great pairs of shoes. Detailing and color selections are great. FUN!!!

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