Garbage Pickers

Tonight we were so lucky to catch a sneak peek of Random Fashions newly launched Spring line. Garbage Prototype has certainly outdone herself with over 200 new items for ladies and gentlemen including hairstyles and skins on top of all the clothes, oh the clothes! While we certainly vouch for quality over quantity, she managed to nail both. Good things come in threes so below you will find a sampling of our favourite things.

Dahlia: (L) Bow Tunic, Alisha Hair (caramel) | (M) Sexy Checkerboard Kini, Laura Hair (brown) | (R) All Yours (♥), Anne Hair (chestnut)

Random’s hairstyles are now super scripted and the menu is so easy to navigate. With 100+ hair colours to choose from it’s the fatpack that’s easy on the inventory, not to mention the budget – 250L each! I picked three of the brown shades to showcase but this makes switching back to blonde, or even trying red, green, or purple, a snap.

Nicolas: (R) Flannel Hoodie w/Shirt | (M) Male Vest w/Shirt | (R) V Polo

Best of all this line isn’t finished just yet. Garbage says you can expect more fashion for guys next week! Nic, you must love Garbage and vice versa.

That’s our sneak peek, but please click here for a wicked lil vid, with Rilo Kiley on soundtrack, that will give you a more thorough glimpse at Random (<–SLurl™). However, for the best view of all, be sure to pop in on the grid and see how it will look on you!


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on April 1, 2008.

6 Responses to “Garbage Pickers”

  1. ZOMG—smore hairs to lust after—YEAH!

  2. Yay!! thanks so much Dahlia and Nicolas for the great article! <3333

  3. Kalli – I know right?! I only showed three here but they are ALL fantastic. And when I saw the scripted colour change thing I almost died. With the way i’ve been switching shades (dark brown, brown, no light brown, no dark blonde!) this is going to save me a lot of moolah.

    Garabage – YAY! We’re thrilled you like it. Thank you for making it so easy to write about all of those lovely things.

  4. omg! Me want the first top! -.-

    -Portia ❤

  5. I know right?! I have to go back and get a few more of the colours sometime soon.

  6. I went to pick up old hairs from the sale …and SL was being a total shit I missed out. 😦 Luckily we went by there last night and got ahold of some of the new stuffs anyway – yay!

    And Nic, did you always have that chin scruff, or is that new? Holy rawr! I like!

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