Public Service Announcement

Today we received a comment on our blog from someone by the alias, Armidi.

“they stole my design, now i give all for free”

This was accompanied by a file download link to what was promised to be Armidi clothing textures. Our initial thought was “virus”, but we carefully examined what this so-called Armidi was offering. Sure enough, packed in a rar file were 130+ clothing textures in .tga format from the Armidi and Elephant Outfitter clothing lines, complete with a background layer stating Armidi Copyright 2008. How this individual managed to get a copy of these is beyond us and why they would choose to distribute them is even more baffling.

The Armidi team was immediately notified of this matter via email, complete with the ip address of this individual and the supplied link to the .tga files.

Our comments are currently not moderated as we encourage opinions, positive or negative, from our readers, but in this case we have removed the comment as it serves no purpose other than to enable possible content theft.

Armidi is one of the most recognizable brands on the grid, but please be aware that textures have been made available. Report any and all content theft to the respective designers and please continue to support the hard work of the Armidi team.

Nobody likes a designer knock-off!

UPDATE: We received the following e-mail from Chloe Armidi and are reprinting it here with her consent.
Dear Dahlia Eilde and Nicolas Sinatra,
Thank you both so very much for informing us of this serious matter. We are investigating the issue as we speak. We would be grateful if you could warn bloggers to check their comments for copyright infringement.
Thank you once again.
Chloe Armidi
Please, if you have any information regarding this matter, contact Chloe Armidi:


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on April 3, 2008.

9 Responses to “Public Service Announcement”

  1. All of the exciting shit happens while I’m at work. Hi5 on the e-mail correspondence, love!

    This smells like an inside job. The Holy Roman Empire of SL fashion has possibly found itself dealing with its first trojan horse.

    This proves that absolutely no one is completely safe from content theft.

  2. Geez. This stuff is getting insane and really fucking lame. Paired up with the instability of SL lately and it’s just …shit.

  3. Amen. Insert – le sigh.

  4. Holy Shitebag—Way to go Dahlia!! And Dove—amen!

  5. That’s disgusting, I’m sorry it happened.

  6. Kalli – I’m not entirely sure why they chose to post it on our site, but I am grateful that it appears only 4 people potentially saw the comment “as-is” before I was able to remove it. Still, 4 people too many.

    Phoenix – I’m sorry it happened as well and I hope that through awareness this issue is brought to a quick resolution.

  7. ContentTheft is really a pain in the ass.. When is it really gonna stop. What is LL doin atm..? too busy doin other stuff..?

    “This proves that absolutely no one is completely safe from content theft” by Nicolas Sinatra

    You’re right on that Nic. SL is unsafe

  8. Nic here,

    It is quite sad, Maddox. Linden Labs is turning a blind eye to something that eats away at the very fabric that makes SL, SL. It’s eating away the content creators, those who create the virtual world we all love so much. Those who fluctuate the economy in a positive manner, keeping things in line. And most of all, those who keep Second Life interesting, and keep the consumers spending their money.

    Bottom line: Without the content creators, Linden Labs would be out of business. It’s about time they recognize that fact.

  9. Hi Dahlia and Nic, Its nice to see how enraged everyone is about this travesty. Well done for acting so quickly I just wish that there was a way we could fight back. I don’t know anyone in world who would knowingly buy any knock-offs and there end up being 2 losers in this. Firstly the girls of Armidi who’s hard work has just been stolen and secondly us the consumers who are now finding that objects we paid for are being offered for free. Its a very dissapointing state of affairs but i guess part of the problem is, once something is created digitally it can be reproduced as many times as the author (or thief) wants. How do we put a real world value on a bunch of highly detailed textures?

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