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SL™ vs. RL: Just click each pic to see its respective inspiration!

There are few women I can claim to love more than Nicolas does and Natalie Portman just happens to be one of them. It’s strictly platonic, I swear! She exudes a classic, elegant, understated style that I have long admired and these traits were displayed beautifully in Elle magazine’s Intelligent Women issue (April 2008).

Upon reading the feature article and noticing her chosen threads, I began to see my Truth hair, Elephant Outfitter’s sweater…

…Muism jacket and G.L.A.M. jeans on the page before me and I thought to myself “Hey, Nic and I could do that!”. So, after a complete re-shoot (Nicholaz pwns 1.19.1(4)) behold our self-professed replica of Elle… S Elle. HUGE kudos to Nic for playing photographer and set designer. He’s a man of many hats, while I just wore one on this post.

Elle applauds Intelligent Women IRL, but we’d like to acknowledge the brains and beauty of SL’s Next Fashion Icon contestants after attending yesterday’s Gala. Nic and I were both very impressed to see that each prospective model stood not only beautifully adorned, but also stood behind an issue that was important to them. A cause for fashion and fashion for a cause. Loves it!

Side Note: Oh the dramz. Nina Garcia left her job as Fashion Director at Elle magazine and people are buzzing that she was “let go”. Pink slipped? Say it ain’t so! Here’s to hoping we can still catch her on the next season of Project Runway.


Hair: Truth – Angel 2 (Dark Blonde) TOP | MMS – Messy (Natural Blonde) MIDDLE
| MMS – Messy (Golden Blonde) BOTTOM
Skin: Dutch Touch – Amy – Sunkissed (Smokey Smooth)
Eyes: D:A – Princess eye (Blue) TOP | MMS – Dark Brown Eyes MIDDLE/BOTTOM
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Deviant
Jacket: Muism – Skinny Biker Jacket (Black) MIDDLE/BOTTOM
Sweater: Elephant Outfitters – Sailor Striped Sweater (Black/White)
Jeans: G.L.A.M. – Denim (Regular Dark Wash) MIDDLE/BOTTOM
Necklace: chicoco – floral necklace
Ring: Anjels – Female Engagement Ring (Silver)
Poses: AnaLu [ALT] – Pose3 TOP | SeMotion – Gla sit 3 MIDDLE | Animah – waist BOTTOM

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: Zoot Woman – Living in a Magazine


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on April 13, 2008.

12 Responses to “S Elle Magazine”

  1. Oh that’s so neat! 😀 I love it. This is my new fav post – great job on the mashing of SL/RL Dahl and awesome work on the photos/editing Nic!

  2. A new fave – score!! Thanks so much Dove. In honor of BoRee, Nic earns like +100 patience points for this one.

  3. What another fantastic post guys! Well done Nic I know how much of a bitch windlight has become and yet these shots have come out clean and clear (wait a second isn’t that a spot cream advert slogan… nevermind). Oh and Dahlia isn’t EO just the best place for basics.

  4. Thanks Jingo! Honestly, Nic shot this entire thing in the forced Windlight and we (mostly me) hated it so much that he switched to the Nicholaz viewer sans WL and re-shot the whole thing. So that clean and clear isn’t WL at all, fancy that! lol
    As for EO, it is definitely the casual wardrobe staple flagship.

  5. Nic here,

    Thanks Dove, thanks Jingo! Windlight is a complete pain in the ass, and the new viewer is simply horrible. Nicholaz is definitely where it’s at. We’ve been trying to get this blog out for the past week, and it’s felt like swimming against the current. I’m so happy to have finally finished it, and quite pleased with the finished product.

    As far as the photography goes, I appreciate the compliments, but honestly there’s not much I have to do to make Dahl look absolutely stunning. She does that perfectly fine on her own.

    Lucky me. ❤

  6. so for everyday use I have to say (not taking photographs that often) that WL is quite nice and other then the issues with tping and lag, oh and it seems to happen more and more often that you just keep walking and can’t stop (which all are really grid issues then WL ones). So without being a photographer I can’t notice that much pain with it as long as i dont turn it at full blast it seems fine no?

  7. Speaking strictly as the subject and not the photographer I have to say that for portrait shots, headshots, etc. WL doesn’t do it for me. I have yet to mess with some of the settings I’ve seen offered up on the feeds for optimal pictures, but as is, I find it leaves the avatar looking almost dough-y. I think there will be a new market of WL friendly skins and face/body lighting cropping up as I’ve already seen a few but I guess it all comes down to settings. That being said, WL is AWESOME for any kind of landscape pictures especially in water. I’ve always been in awe of those shots and while my graphics card can’t take it, Nic’s can, and I hope to see some nice shots of our beach someday!
    As for the lag/tps, I think that can be blamed on the lovely new viewer. 😡
    The Nicholaz version is the most stable client we’ve found and it makes day-to-day play so much easier.

  8. I love the post and again I must be under a rock but what is Nicholaz version?

    And I have been on WL for practically 4 months or more and I guess I’m just used to it but I do tinker with the settings and the picture variations in the “snapshot” feature. Buzz me I have a good link for you to read about the inworld snapshot settings. Let’s compare notes. ❤

  9. I’m going to buzz Nic and have him explain what it is because it’s kinda out of my techie grasp. All I know is that the game runs a LOT better when I use it. But your graphics card kicks so much ass I’m not sure you’d have any need for it and your pics look amazing in WL, lucky ducky. YES! Share your secrets!

  10. Nic here,

    @Kalli – Nicholaz is simply an alternate viewer created by a technically savvy member of the SL community. He used the open source code provided by Linden Labs, created his own patches (which he is renowned for), and produced a surprisingly stable viewer based off of the version of Second Life.

    He fixed, or greatly improved, many things LL have been avoiding, including but not limited to: Crashing in teleports, general client stability issues, “Shoe up the butt” syndrome (as Dahlie calls it), as well as some of the memory leaks that consistently plague SL. Not to mention that personally.. I just like the GUI in the older client much much better.


  11. I was interviewed for Portuguese Elle magazine some time ago.
    The pictures look great!! ❤

  12. Thank you Ana! And wow…I am going to bug you in-world for a link, I would love to look at the article even if I can’t read it in Portuguese. Belated congratulations ❤

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