Sweet Tooth

A couple of years ago, strictly cupcake bakeries, deemed “cupcake boutiques” by true aficionados, started popping up in major urban centres around Noth America. New York’s most notable cupcake hot spot, Magnolia, became a celebrity favourite as touted by Sarah Jessica Parker and Katie Holmes.  While some found these shops to be absurd, it’s no surprise that they would be a success…cupcakes are sweet, pretty, and an inexpensive treat.
Mimi Coral has found a way to infuse these exact traits found in RL confectionaries into an SL™ dress boutique and her designs at ❤ Cupcakes are sure to keep you looking your yummiest.

I’ve always remarked that the average price of 100L – 150L for these dresses was a steal, but Mimi has a little secret hiding underneath, and I’m not talking about the delicious lingerie she sells. In the basement of her mainstore is a HUGE room full of gorgeous dresses, separates, and some under garments priced at 50L. Now that is the icing on the cupcake.

Check out a half dozen of my favourite cupcakes from the sale below:

It’s enough to give a girl a sugar high without letting anything slip past her lips!
With styles ranging from trendy to vintage, bright to subdued, Mimi certainly has a dress for even the pickiest of palates. Go get your sweet on!

P.S. Due to the high volume of outfits presented, style sheets will be available upon request.


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on April 16, 2008.

13 Responses to “Sweet Tooth”

  1. Isn’t cupcakes the best! it just goes to show you dont have to spend much to look great. i had no idea they were a rl shop as well though. cool!

  2. Oops! I didn’t make my introduction very clear. ❤ Cupcakes isn’t a RL shop, but there are many cupcake only bakeries which is what I initially thought of when I saw ❤ Cupcakes in-world. I’ve reworded the intro so hopefully it makes a bit more sense.
    I only WISH ❤ Cupcakes existed out there somewhere!

  3. *request* kidding! I will bug in-world if I want to know what you are wearing.
    Love the sandals from Jaywalk but I couldn’t find them at the store. *goes to look again*

  4. Hahah Ana, I was so afraid someone would actually call my bluff! I do have them all notecarded like a dutiful blogger so feel free to IM if something caught your eye. I *think* those sandals were to the left of the entrance near the front of the store.

  5. I promised myself.. no dresses.. no dresses…

    o.o *tear* Don’t make me spend!

    -Portia ❤

  6. aaahhh…*smacks self..then smacks Dahlia*…I didnt know about the basement…LOL

  7. @Portia – Ok here’s a shopaholic’s guide to math for you. If a “typical” dress you would purchase on SL costs 250L and you buy 1 dress from the ❤ Cupcakes basement for 50L you didn’t spend money you actually SAVED 200L! Plus, the most fun part is finding somewhere to wear it or… better yet someone to take it off for 😉

    @Elusyve – Hi! I actually didn’t learn of the basement until I IMd Mimi looking for the Hannah dress and she told me it was down there. Go back…you know you wanna.

  8. Yummy choices Dahl! 😀 I ❤ cupcakes too!

    I just spoiled a cupcake in my last post. lol. Don’t look, it might hurt you! :p

  9. Now you know I had to go look! Butcher, Baker…they all ended up in the same tub anyway right? I personally love what you did with the outfit and I will elaborate further over there. ♥

  10. Oh I would love to save 200L but with me, nothing is ever simple. i.e. instead of buying one dress at 50L, I would by 5 dresses at 250L *laughs* I do get the fashionista math (and it’s hilarious)

    -Portia ❤

  11. LOL you are in the class of advanced fashionista math because you speak of the logic that I try so hard to ignore. I CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH! ❤

  12. Honestly, neither can I. Hence my pledge to never go into a store and buy impulsively. I always THINK before I buy. *tear* Sometimes I hate being practical.

    And yes I am so good at advance fashionista math that I think I ace it with flying colors if you give me even lindens to go insane 😉

    -Portia ❤

  13. OMG–hello–how bootiful are the two of you in this posting…missed you!!

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