Spring Cleaning

While doing a little Spring cleaning at the office, we realised our bulletin board was full of messages. So, before wiping it clean for a fresh batch of notes, we decided to pick our favourite five to share with our readers.

In random order:
We want to see more pics of Nic in lingerie
-Sylar Boyd

Dante loves Sopherian | Soph LoVeS Dante Forever ❤
-Dante Rousselot & Soperhian Yumato

Dirty Dancing is the BEST movie Ever! ❤
-KittyAngel Myoo

I love you both like chinese food and that’s ALOT ;d
Vy & Krez was hurr
-Vylorna Demar & Krez McAllister

darn I was going to put a photo of law’s arse on here 😦
-BoRee Vella

Thanks to everyone that posted. It brightens our day, even in the rainy TRILOGY sim!
And now that the board is clear, feel free to help fill it up again and maybe we’ll see you on the blog next month 🙂

Now we can’t forget the fashion…
While it may not be lingerie, Nic looks ready for the office in his newly found sweater vest and freshly pressed slacks from Slab (thanks OnRez!). This business savvy outfit could almost make one look forward to Mondays… almost.

I, on the other hand, look ready for Summer, and I am! These overalls from GiGi Couture (I swear Giana has fashion telepathy) are the perfect dose of Summer practicality and super cuteness. They come in three lengths; shorts, capris, and pants, complete with prim buttons. Also check them out in yellow, purple, denim..and even pink houndstooth. Like an ice cream cone on a hot day, they’re a must!

P.S. You can visit us (or our board) at our in-world location as listed near the top of our sidebar.


Hair: Muism – Cindy (Light Blonde)
Skin: Dutch Touch – Amy – Sunkissed (Smokey Smooth)
Eyes: D:A – Princess eye (Blue)
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Deviant
Tank Top: Camie Cooper – White Tank (part of the Short Double Buttond Vest set)
Overalls: GiGi Couture – Black Overalls
Socks:: LuLu – OTK Tubesocks (Dark Red)
Shoes: ETD – Demi Trainers (Brick)
Earrings: LuLu – Chunky Hoops (scripted red)
Ring: Anjels – Female Engagement Ring (Silver)
Pose: AnaLu – *fresh poses* 221
Hair: Naughty Designs – The All-American Guy (Mocha)
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio (Origin 1[B])
Eyes: Armidi – True Enhance Eyes (Moss)
Outfit: SLAB – mETRO Outfit Combo (Terra/Brown)
Pose: LAP – God’s Gift

Bulletin Board: Birans Gadgets – Post-It Board


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on April 20, 2008.

8 Responses to “Spring Cleaning”

  1. Yay! A fresh new board to pollute! 😀

  2. I hope that foreshadows you posting something dirty on it, Dove!

  3. *waves* I am going to post on that bulletin board when the lag’s goneee

    -Portia ❤

  4. This is the KEWTEST posting (no pun intended) or yes I intended that….adorable you two as always…hope to see you soon.

  5. you need a bigger board, my arse is huge

  6. @Portia – We can’t wait to see what will fly off of that sassy keyboard of yours.

    @Kalli – You’ll see us soon, there’s no getting rid of us. lol Thank you for your sweet words as always!

    @Law – S’ok we’ll settle for a left cheek.

  7. miss you guys!

  8. ZOMG it is the ghost of BoRee past! +1000 Missing you points ♥

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