I ♥ Liberty City

On April 29th at 12:01AM an event will take place. An event that many anxious gamers have awaited for nearly 2 years. The release of the next installment in the notoriously renowned Grand Theft Auto series.

People of all ages, colors, backgrounds, and professions will stand together in front of select electronic stores across the globe, patiently waiting for their cue to receive their copy of boxed bliss. They will then race home, many having called in sick-or planning to the next day (sound familiar Second Lifers?), to insert the last disc that will grace their console of choice for the next undetermined period of seemingly timeless time.

They will grip their controllers, and whisk away into Rockstar Games‘ beautifully crafted alternate version of New York City that will soon become the individual gamer’s playground. And while I may have to wait until tomorrow to get my GTA fix, I do not have to wait to dress the part.

I’ve effectively dressed Dahlie (my paper doll) as the character only known thus far as “Lola”, with the help of Kenzie’s cropped tank and Dove Swanson’s pose making talents. The pose shown above was made especially for this post, but if you want one of your own I suggest bribery, or in true GTA style, extortion. This mysterious Lola character somehow (the lollipop helped, I’m sure) managed to become the poster girl for the game long before the release date due to the distribution of the official corresponding artwork above. Her role in the upcoming title remains unknown.

I styled myself after the Eastern European protagonist, Niko Bellic, with Swell Second Life’s (formerly Mir) navy track jacket. Niko is a recently arrived immigrant landing on the shores of Liberty City (the game’s fictional NYC) looking to escape his past and share the American Dream with his “highly successful” cousin Roman. He comes only to find that his cousin has lied about the wealth that would be waiting for him. Roman is merely the owner of a run down cab stand in Hove Beach (R*’s play on NYC’s Brighton Beach), and also happens to be in debt with many of the local gangsters. Niko suddenly finds himself thrust back into the underworld to get his cousin out of trouble, and to become a somebody in a city full of nobodies.

So, if you’re looking to fill your gaming fix when the lag, stale transactions, or crashes on SL™ become too much, feel free to join me in this alternate to the alternate universe. You’ll find me in a Cadillac on PlayStation Network… and I will show no mercy.

P.S. For a fashionista bonus, Karl Lagerfeld, aka the Godfather of Chanel, joins a long list of celebrity vocal talent to provide the voice of DJ Karl on K109 The Studio. Click here to make your way to the downloads page of the game’s official website, where you can tune in for a sample using the Liberty City Radio Widget.

UPDATE: I’ve had the game for nearly 24 hours now, and I must say it everything I thought it would be and more. It definitely lives up to the hype, and I recommend it highly. No gamer’s collection should go with out!

It is projected to sell approximately $400 million the first week, a record in the gaming industry, and just $1 million shy of matching the Hollywood box office record for first week sales.

IGN gives it a 10/10, the first game to receive that score in nearly a decade. The game even boasts reviews from sources such as FoxNews, which states “GTA IV Rocks!”, and the New York Times which I quote, “It is by far the best game of the series…”.

Love it or hate it, this game has earned its place in popculture.

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: Alex Gopher – Brain Leech


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on April 28, 2008.

8 Responses to “I ♥ Liberty City”

  1. great post guys!!!…is it really time to hang up my scar-loc and leave the culling of terrorists to the rest of the rainbow crew?…so many bad guys, so little time….i love the track jacket, Nic…ps, if anyone goes the “bribery” route with Dove, bring socks!!

  2. Hah, hang up the helmet and join us on the dark side. Criminality is more fun, anyways. I’d like to see any of the fellas from the Six take a baseball bat to an enemies head and not get a writeup! =P

    Thanks, I actually found it on Google, haha. When all else fails, right?

  3. Wow Nic, yer the master of photoshop! 😮 *bows down*

  4. *winks* My ultra geeky rl bf got it a day before the release date.. which is April 28

    Amazon cheated. haha

    -Portia ❤

  5. @Dove – Aww, thank you. Hardly what I’d consider a master of photoshop, but please feel free to spread rumors! =P

    @Portia – Ohhh, he was one of *those* few. Lucky bastard. Regardless, I now happily spread havoc throughout Liberty City, and am having one hell of a time doing it! =D

  6. I heard it’s one fun game.. We’ll have to see, I should get it. After all that’s what my xbox360 is for hahaha

    -Portia ❤

  7. Portia, Nic is really pushing for me to get it. So if I ever succumb I will need your support on there. Is there shopping on GTA IV? LOL

  8. I don’t know.. I think you can shop.. for guns? LMAO =P That’s all I know.

    Apparently if you do side missions and you get this guy, if you do all his missions — you get to shop for guns. I hope that counts?! haha

    -Portia ❤

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