The Princess and the Pauper

Nic and I have blogged vests before and it’s a sure thing we’ll blog them again because if there’s one word that we love when it comes to fashion it’s versatility, and vests have it.

That being said, we imposed a fashion caste system of a modern day Princess meets Pauper (aka rich bitch meets vagabond) to show how vests can be dressed up or down. This allowed us to play in an old fairy tale while finally allowing me to show off my new Gisaci wardrobe and giving Nic the perfect outfit to debut his beloved Muism scarf (told you Lucas!).

I found my pallette of chilled lilac and cool grays a sophisticated choice for the uptown side of the vest spectrum. If this oversized bag and perfectly coordinated pumps weren’t enough to make me stuck up, well I wouldn’t even give you the time of day, but that’s only because I favoured my Gisaci bangles in place of a watch 😉 . Maitreya’s Elisha Cuthbert-esque Mayte hairstyle paired with Aden’s new skin line is the perfect way to round out the Princess half of our story.

Nic is giving us quite the scenic tour of the downtown side of vests with his spin on Pauper couture. His muted, slightly grunged attire gives this look character and if he were busking you could guarantee he’d get a few bills from the bottom of my purse, at the very least. Vest aside, Nic’s accessories definitely take this look from meek to chic from the tips of his fingerless gloves to the top of his well worn short brim fedora.

As for the fairytale of the Prince(ss) and the Pauper, well… we’re both enjoying these looks too much to trade places just yet.

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: The Virgins – Rich Girl


Hair: Maitreya – Mayte (Natural Blonde)
Skin: Aden – Torrid (Tan)
Eyes: D:A – Princess Eye (Blue)
Lashes: MMS – Photoshoot
Blouse: Gisaci – Buone Vacanze (Porpora)
Vest: Gisaci – Cambridge Knit Vest (Dark Grey)
Gauchos: G.L.A.M. – Black Gaucho Shorts
Belt: Gisaci – Au Di Leather Belt (Silver)
Shoes: Gisaci – Vidalia Pump (Fui Fui Magi)
Bag: Gisaci – Porta Corsico Bag (Grey)
Necklace: Gisaci – Pearl Egg Necklace (White Gold)
Bangle: Gisaci – Metallic Tres Bangles (Steel)
Ring: Anjels – Female Engagement Ring (Silver)
Poses: Little Heaven – cutiex39 | Animah – Push It | Ana Lu – *fresh poses* 237

Hair: Armidi – The Poynter (Espresso)
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio (Origin 1[B])
Eyes: Tuli – Blue Eyes
Vest: Gisaci – Liscio Vest (Hazel)
Shirt: Valiant – Striped Cardigan & Turtle Neck
Pants: Armidi – A001 Jeans (Male/Skinny Dirty Industrial)
Belts: The Goodlife – Strife Studded Belt (Black & Black/White Checkered)
Shoes: Redgrave – Boots (Brown Leather)
Earrings: Redd Columbia – iExcesos! Steel Flesh Tunnels
Lip Ring: Custom made by Nicolas Sinatra
Tattoo: Aitui – Aggression
Hat: The Hat Shop – Fedora v3 (Grey/Black Band)
Glasses: Armidi – Machimo Sunglasses (Bronze)
Scarf: Muism – Crinkle Scarf (Brown)
Gloves: Made Men – Rocky Gloves
Poses: LAP – Hiding Something | LAP – Caught | LAP – Too Lean


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on May 7, 2008.

7 Responses to “The Princess and the Pauper”

  1. AHhh skins…

    Aden has skins?! I’ve been away from the fashion feed for too long.

    -Portia ❤

  2. Oh come on, we all wanna see Nicolas the Princess!

    Heehee. Great looks :).

  3. @Portia – YES! Aden does an amazing job of creating a dark dramatic eye (which I love) while keeping the rest of the skin, including lips, very nude. A brilliant contrast definitely worth checking out.

    @Candy – LOL! Nic the Princess I’m not so sure, however I can tell you I’ve seen Nic the Diva a time or two…and his role as King, well that’s a given 😉

  4. Yay new post. You guys are always so delicious!

  5. Yay Lucas signed our blog!
    We ♥ You

  6. Okay, I love the scarf, I want it. And the color combinations in this post are lovely! Way to go guys!

  7. Great post and love the colors…the Armidi stuff is pretty dang cool. Nic looking totally chic.

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