Northern Lights

Check out Nic’s illicit foray into the world of content creation, the Northern Lights sculptie joint.

“I was tired of when every time my avi wanted to get lit, he had to settle for what looked like a burning tampon sticking out of his mouth, so I created what is the most realistic looking joint in SL to date. No irrelevant irritating scripts, no poorly scripted particle effects. Simply a sleek sculptie design, and proportioned realistic smoke effect to make your smoking experience a pleasurable one.

Consider it high fashion for your mouth…”

Pick one up from your 24 hour dealer, SLExchange, or get it from the source at our Blog HQ in Trilogy (just walk down the alley to your first door past the motorcycle).

P.S. It’s 50L and Transfer so you can puff, puff, pass.

UPDATE: The feedback for the Northern Lights joint has been highlarious!
Check out what this satisfied customer had to say (re-printed with consent):

“Nyx Divine: I showed my hubby, cuz most SL smokes look crappy, but my daughter goes…’mommy, that’s not a ciggarette, that’s a drug thing’ LMAO…Daddy is a cop.”



~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on May 21, 2008.

7 Responses to “Northern Lights”

  1. very nice!

  2. /me joins Nic in the back alley for a smoke


  3. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i must have it

  4. @Annyka – Thanks! Toke up!

    @QueenKellee – Haha, Dahl and I will bring the green, you can bring the Doritos.

    @Lucas – This can be arranged my friend. Ask Brendan, he’s an authorized dealer. =P

  5. Yer sucha rebel. 😀 I’m bringing Law with me to the dark side, veddy soon!

    I wonder if I can combine this with one of my new pornstar poses. Hm. That could get …interesting. LOL.

  6. @Dove – Just add the rock ‘n’ roll, and you’ve got yourself a good time!

  7. Do eeeet Dovers!!

    Nic – LMFAO, this is great, I remember when you made this awhile back, this post is hilarious…luv it!

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