Northern Lights: Blunt

The Northern Lights just got tastier with SL™’s first realistic sculptie blunt…

Models are smoking Purple Haze (Dahlia) and Au Naturale (Nicolas)

Northern Lights incorporated the same realistic sculptie design of the widely received joint, coupled with an entirely hand drawn, all natural tobacco texture for a smooth tasting, slow burning blunt. Now available in 8 delicious flavours:

Purple Haze
Blueberry Yum Yum
Poppin’ Cherry
Cottonmouth Candy
Clockwork Orange
Mellow Yellow
Au Naturale

Each unique blunt comes complete with corresponding coloured smoke effect to heighten your senses.

Blunts sold separately, or check out the fatty pack for 30% savings. Great for parties and dealers.
All Northern Lights Products are Transfer so you can puff, puff, pass.

Pick one up from your 24 hour dealers, SLExchange and OnRez, or get it from the source at our Blog HQ in Trilogy (just walk down the alley to your first door past the motorcycle).

Northern Lights
Consider it HIGH fashion for your mouth


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on May 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Northern Lights: Blunt”

  1. Haha that looks cute, I gotta get one of those!

  2. Hey Portia! Nic and I think you’d look good with a Cottonmouth Candy 😉

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