Voi e Nessun Altro

Competition can be healthy in a relationship, especially when it comes to gift giving occasions. So for our latest anniversary (7 months!) Nic and I did our best to impress the eff out of each other, with a little help from our friends.

For those of you that read the blog, you’ve probably seen Nic sport a rosary or two and while he loves them dearly he was on the look out for something more. Enter Lucas Lameth of Earthtones Jewelry.

He’s crafted a silver necklace with a Catholic Saint pendant, in this case, St. Nicolas. Yes, I had Nic sainted for our anniversary.
Lucas is planning to release a line of necklaces featuring more of the Saints, but Saint Nicolas is worn only by me… erm I mean him.

Some of you that know me may have heard me humorously pining for a designer item named after, well, moi. There are a lot of amazing things on the grid bearing the name Dahlia, and while I jokingly claim they’re all mine, deep in my little pixel heart I know they aren’t. Lucky for me Nic was listening. He also knew exactly which designer to go to. Enter Giana Paine of GiGi Couture.

She has created not one, but an entire line of Dahlia minidresses! Ranging in styles from sailor to sparkly they really can suit every one of my moods and there is certainly something for everyone. To celebrate this launch, the ever generous Giana has offered a freebie version to her group members (the middle dress shown above). Freebie!? It can’t be!? If you don’t believe me, check out the hotness on Creamy over at Free*Style.
Look for the rest of the line to be released this weekend.

A BIG thank you to Lucas and Giana for helping make this anniversary so perfect. The other perfect parts will remain unpublished 😉

Score: Tie game.

UPDATE: They were officially released on Saturday!



Hair: Naughty – The All American Guy (Nutmeg) | Chase – Splash (Nutmeg)
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio Origin (3[A] Smooth)
Eyes: Armidi – True Enhance Eyes (Moss)
T-shirt: Naughty – Basic Tee (Maroon) | Naughty – Basic V-neck (White)
Necklace: Earthtones Boutique – St.Nicolas Men’s Charm Necklace | His Prayer Rosary (Darkwood/SlvrBrs)
Glasses: FNKY! – GC2547S Glasses (Black)


Hair: MMS – Venessa (Natural Blonde) | Artilleri – Rita (Golden Blonde)
Skin: Karamia – Medium Smoked
Eyes: MMS – Dark Brown Eyes
Lashes: Karamia – Starry Eye Lashes
Dresses: GiGi Couture Dahlia Minidresses
Hat (Left): Celestial Studios – Sailor Girl Hat
Tights (Midlle): G.L.A.M. – Gold Lycra Tights
Collar (Middle): G.L.A.M. – Sweater Neckpiece (Gold)
Bangles (Middle): Armidi Gisaci – Pyramid Cuff (White and Gold) | Towanda Quintet Bangles (Gold)
Glasses (Middle): Armidi Gisaci – Lifestyle Aviators (White Gold)
Tights (Right): Glanz – Pantyhose (BlueWhite)
Headband (Right): Chapeau Tres Mignon – Lagerfeld Headand


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on May 30, 2008.

11 Responses to “Voi e Nessun Altro”

  1. Happy anniversary you two!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS two of my favorite friends and just down right wonderful people!! You make SL a better place to exist in…I am fortunate you are my friends and thanks Nic for always keeping me LMAO when we get you on voice on the days you have practically rolled outta bed….you’re such a “morning person”….MUAH!!!

    Here’s to many more anniversaries for you two!!

    All my ❤

  3. sad

  4. @ Dove – Thank you! You and Law must have been together for about the same amount of time, hey?

    @Kalli – Awwww. What a sweet, sweet comment! Haha morning person indeed. Gotta love him just out of bed and everything. Though I must say him trying to wake me up some mornings is something I’m glad nobody hears lol! I wish all of the same happiness and longevity for you and Eden. ❤

    @atinyblog – Le sigh. If you would have only left a name we could’ve at least tried to set you up with someone. Oh well. Thanks for reading and good luck with your blog. And how can you be sad with a GiGi Couture freebie? 🙂 See…that’s better.

  5. @Dove – Thank you, Dove! =D

    @Kalli – Aw, thanks Kalli! I’m happy you find my morning grumpiness amusing! =P

    @douchebag mcfuckstick – Suck my prim, coward. I’m not as nice as Dahlia.

    @Dahl – ❤ you, baby. I hope you had as wonderful of an anniversary as I did, love.

  6. Dahl, when we read this post we both go “hey, another similarity!” heh…we just had our 7 month a couple of weeks ago! The parallels are spooky!

  7. I thought so…
    Well here’s a big HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Law as well!
    I don’t know if it’s just me but 7 months is a long time for me IRL, let alone SL, but when I look back it seems like just yesterday.
    As Kalli said, here’s to many more, for both of us ❤

  8. Awww. Happy Anniversary !! and as usual I ❤ the dresses xD

  9. Oh congrats you two and love the gifts you ‘created’ for each other! 🙂


    Best wishes y’all and many more anniversaries to come wooot going strong!, ok now I’m sounding like everyones cheesy fat uncle.

    Hell I want that necklace even thought I’m Jew.

    Again, cheers!

  11. @ Mahari – Thank you! I think those dresses would be adorable on you! (And everyone really. Call me biased.) 😉

    @ Channen – Thanks! Well thank goodness “it’s the thought that counts” because if it weren’t for that we really didn’t create much lol. Lucas and Giana sure did a fabu job though.

    @ James – OH HAI friend! Thank you so much for the kind words Uncle James hahahah. I think that necklace would look great on you and I mean c’mon, St. James was a pretty famous one. Maybe not over shabbos, but the rest of the week you should rock it. Thanks again 🙂

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