‘Skin’ny Dipping

To those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer is finally here!

For Nic and I, Summer is typically marked by the luscious smell of coconut sun lotion, the taste of BBQ masterpieces, and the feel of that first toe dip into the nearest lake/ocean (a sprinkler or wading pool counts).

While we are deprived of those senses in Second Life, the new skins across the grid are a sight to see!

There is no better way to show off your Summer skin than in a bikini (stay out of that NSFW zone people!). Pictured are some of the bikinis that accumlate in my inventory year round, from my oldest, Last Call’s Cyrene, to my newest, Veezy’s Moo-print. The red Kenzie bikini has the cutest derrière going, check mine out here. Note the bare feet…Summer is definitely here (Thema, the revolution is now!).

I’m not sure if the perception is the same in SL, but typically one’s body appearance is of utmost importance. I find the nuances in this area change slightly from skin to skin, but the face is really the area where the artist gets to shine and set their skin apart. As such, each of these skins has their own standout feature or quality. I adore the powder pink vertical splash of blush on the blowpop skin, the absolutely electric pink lip of the Trendy & Co., sooo MAC lipglass (available Monday), the perfectly downturned pout of the Renegade, and the meticulously hand painted emerald eye of the Fetch Alternative skin. That being said…the bodies are pretty nice too, right Nic? 😉

So, here’s wishing you postcard perfect days and nights as we ring in the start of Summer from our Hbox beach home. You didn’t think I would forget about my tried and true Dutch Touch skins did you? Nah my Smokey Smooth is pictured above. And remember what I said about those bikinis? Screw it. Live, love, laugh, and ‘skin’ny dip!

P.S. Tangles strike again! Maitreya’s Natural Blonde colour blends really well with ETD’s Sunny hue.

Fun Fact: Blowpop’s Keeping up with the Rossini’s Collection are a Kim Kardashian inspired request from Portia Rossini.


From Left to Right
Skins: blowpop – Keeping up with the Rossinis (Pink Portia brun w/freckles) | Trendy & Co. – Ferosha Skin (Pink) | Renegade – Motivation (light gloss skin) | Fetch Alternative – Emerald (Peach)
Hair: Maitreya – Loelle (Natural Blonde) w/ ETD – Left Swept Bangs (Sunny) | Aden – Chelsea long (Lightblonde)
Eyes: MMS – Dark Brown Eyes
Lashes: MMS – Catwalk Lashes (top only)
Bikinis: Kenzie – Puma Uma Eh (Red) | Bijou – Rush (charcoalgrayXturqouise) | Last Call – Cyrene | Veezy – Moo-print (Blue/Green)
Poses: LAP Softly | Animah – Nude1


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on June 20, 2008.

5 Responses to “‘Skin’ny Dipping”

  1. 😉 She asked, and I gave.

    I do really like the light way she does her blush, with a hint of vamp. Who doesn’t like that? haha

  2. Have I found another girl obsessed with MAC in RL? Ohhh the pink lips. Fashionably Fuschia. Heatherette. Rocking Girl. NAHM.

  3. @ Portia – Thank you for giving, I love it!!

    @ Esme – Mmmhmm you sure have! The ones you mentioned are MUSTS, and I love everything from Lychee Luxe to Underage, Pink Poodle to Lovechild, and everything in between. Their Barbie promo continues to be my fave to date. All dolled up! <3333

  4. I think so far from the entire Tuesday collection, it’s the most unique and one of my favorites (even if it wasn’t named after me 😉 )

    -Portia ❤

  5. Vive la revolution!!

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