Designer Arithmetic

Introducing our first installment of summer school. Duly noted that the phrase “educate the fashion community” tends to strike a nerve with people. Don’t worry. We aren’t going there. Rather some simple designer arithmetic:
Maitreya + iki Ikarus = M * A *ii* K * I
I know, I know, we’re a bit late handing in our homework, but we thought giving a little more insight into the latest designer blend might award us some extra credit at least.

Maitreya’s shoes have gained grid-wide acclaim, their poses and animations are a runway staple, and the newly textured blonde hairstyles are among some of my favourites (what a knack for bangs!). Aside from this, Maitreya is also home to what I was afraid would become an all but forgotten clothing line due to a lack of updates. I asked Onyx LeShelle what her personal favourite clothing creation was. One of the items she mentioned was the Sendal Dress which I wore last December in the Aubergine hue featured above. This outfit was one of the first I owned with multiple sculpted attachments and this talent for sculpts is certainly reflected in the Maiiki line. Her only regret is that she made the skirt flexi… a regret not to be repeated with Maiiki’s Streep ensemble (shown below).

IKI (Right)
Dutch Touch is home to a selection of clothing for men and women with marketing geared toward a more alternative, borderline grunge scene. Perhaps this is why I was so surprised to find what is still my most favourite skin to date there, the Amy series. She hasn’t updated any Dutch Touch skins in a while, and between her original clothing line and her business partnership in Maiiki, the wait continues. Luckily, iki and I are both of the opinion that hand painted skins like hers have a longevity much greater than that of their heavily photosourced counterparts. Lucky for everyone this means iki can concentrate her hand painted flair and texturing expertise on the fashion (worn over those fabulous skins!).

What a perfect example of synergy. Together these two create posh, versatile, technically perfect ensembles. Honestly, I too guffawed at the price tag upon our first visit, but these outfit investments easily become separate wardrobe pieces giving anything you wear a style boost.

Armidi, Maiiki…

/me wonders what the next designer ménage will be.

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: Leona Lewis – Better In Time


All hairs and skins by Maitreya and Dutch Touch.
Outfits by Maitreya, Dutch Touch, and Maiiki.
Accessories by +plus, twosome, Armidi, ETD, fashionably dead, and Maitreya.
Poses by Maitreya and AnaLu.

For more details please contact us in-world or at


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on June 25, 2008.

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