Indie Rock for RFL

Indie Rock for RFL is throwing a carnival and expo July 11-13, it’s a weekend long, sim-wide event showcasing what is going on in the indie music scene in Second Life.  We will literally have some of the greatest DJs in the club scene spinning around the clock, constantly, to the entire sim, from 8am SLT on Friday, to 1am SLT on Monday.

We have amazing carnival games, displays for each club involved that made the event happen, a kissing booth, a dunking booth, a jail/bailout, and many other games and attractions.  On Saturday at 6pm SLT, we’re having a concert featuring SL Flight of the Conchords, and on Sunday at 5pm SLT, we’re hosting a designer auction.  100% of all proceeds go directly to RFL.

The donating designers for the auction:

Deviant Kitties
GiGi Couture
[insert cool name]
Eat Rice!
Fetch Alternative
Trendy & Co
Hubby’s Boutique
Breezy Skins
The Syndicate
Providing Needles for your Balloons
Bakersfield Kidd

….and probably more!

SLURL: Indie Rock for RFL Carnival and Expo

Contact Violet Morellet or Esme Milena with questions, or concerns!  Thanks!

Note from Bonnie & Clyde:

We look forward to seeing you all out there! This is going to be a great time to listen to some awesome music, do some quality shopping, and have fun… all while supporting a more-than-worthy cause!


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on July 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “Indie Rock for RFL”

  1. oh i am soooo there 😀

  2. Wewt! See you there Olivia 🙂

  3. […] Outlander of Aphrodite Creations) the above mentioned Beachwear & Lingerie Expo and I saw Indie Rock for RFL that runs the 11th to the 13th. Much fun to be had. Best of luck waging the war on lag! See you […]

  4. Spent the day there, was so fun and worth every crash, lag and grayness I encountered. The rides and the games were fun I met some awesome people, can’t wait for tomorrow!

    Defo. one of the best SL-event I’ve been to this season.

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