The Tide is High

The fashion community received a shock when it learned news of the Armidi amalgamation with designers from Surf Co., Tres Blah, Savvy?, and Immoretelle. It’s evident from Armidi’s new releases that the absorbed talent took the brand to a new level of design, however, in order to maintain that strict orders were enforced prohibiting the designers from releasing under their original name. It seems this ban has been lifted and Emma Gilmour of Surf Co. was quick to revive her label with some fabulous new releases. The tide is high and Surf Co. is back!

Her crochet leggings were an instant fave and I especially love their vintage effect paired with a denim mini. I’ve been using belts a lot in my current wardrobe, usually to unify pieces from different designers to create a fluid outfit and Surf Co’s Chunky Leather Belt in its array of colours is wardrobe staple material. Appropriately, I’ve chosen Gisaci’s Cambridge top designed by Emma’s Armidi alt, Hudsen. To know Emma is to love her, and her designs are no different.

Poses are quickly becoming the new skins as I can’t seem to get enough! Luckily they’re a little easier on the Linden balance. The Step Pose set from Torrid Midnight gives pictures a creative boost, and if you like this be sure to check out her Benchwarmer Set. Shayna Doobie of Peche is a relatively new name on the poser scene, but her past experience shines through in her refreshingly simple Gina AO set, a pose from which is shown above.

Keep your eye out for new designs from the rest of the second generation Armidi ladies…

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: The Watson Twins – How Am I To Be
(such a chill summer tune!)



(Left to Right)
Hair: Shop Seu – Pompadour Hair (Blonde)
Skin: Redgrave – Pale Skin 10 Chloe (smoky3)
Eyes: MMS – Dark Brown Eyes
Lashes: Karamia – Starry Eye Lashes
Top: Gisaci – Cambridge (Aufren Black) | (Ukraun Navy) | (Gold Afrillia)
Skirt: Armidi – Classic A001 Jean Skirt (Dark)
Leggings: Surf Co. – Crochet Leggings (Red) | (Purple) | (Black)
Belt: Surf Co. – Chunky Leather Belt (Yellow) | (Teal) | (Black)
Shoes: R2 – Pumps (Basic Blue) | KJ – Wood Shoes (Pink) | R2 – Kahaki (Black)
Poses: Torrid and Peche


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on July 26, 2008.

6 Responses to “The Tide is High”

  1. Great post, and I love the song!

  2. Thanks Annyka! I’m about as happy that Emma is designing again as I am that the Watson Twins are doing more of their own music. ❤

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  4. Let me just say that the steps never looked hotter, hollah. Thank you for the mention <3.

  5. I must say I was feeling a bit sassy on those steps, giving the photog a bit of attitude (poor Nic!) lol. Torrid you rock!!

  6. She sure was. 😦

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