This post was brought about by one SLer’s RL muse brought to the Flickr platform.

Esme Milena started a Flickr group called LookBook which was derived from the RL fashion blog www.lookbook.nu. Her vision, much like the original site’s, was to showcase different fashion perspectives with an interactive approach. I have found both the site and the growing Flickr group to be a wealth of inspiration.

For my first submission, I quickly began piecing together an outfit that combined bright colours and casual style for a noticeable, yet comfy look perfect for traipsing around the grid. I had a lot of fun creating this so I hope to bring you more LookBook fashion periodically.

Dice Beattie of Roll the Dice has been on a neon kick ever since I met him and the colours, very prevalent in his designs, are contagious. Aquas, reds, purples, and yellows have been in my fashion line of sight all season! I do believe that clothing can be a reflection of mood, and while often misinterpreted, these colours and style are a happy one for me. I hope you’re happy too and if you are, I want to know what it looks like!

P.S. This is my first attempt at photography/PhotoShop on the blog as Nic was away at work when creativity struck. I certainly appreciate all that he does!

P.P.S If you’re missing Nic in this post you can check out Bonnie & Clyde in the new and revamped issue of Aspire Magazine in our Triple Shot column. Brunette flashback!

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: Lykke Li – Little Bit
(Instant addition to my ipod’s favourites playlist)


Hair: Aden – Nicole (LightBlonde)
Skin: Redgrave – Chloe (Pale) smoky3
Eyes: MMS – Dark Brown Eyes
Lashes: Karamia – Starry Eye Lashes
Shirt: Roll the Dice – This is How We Roll
Skirt: Kimberley Cassanova – Jean Skirt (Red)
Scarf: Bijou – GAYAgirl muffler
Legwarmers: Bijou – Linda Legwarmers
Shoes: Perquita – Funny Girl Flats (Cyan)
Shades: Roll the Dice – Neon Aviators (Red)


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on August 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “LookBook”

  1. Nic here,

    I’d like to be the first one to say you did a fantastic job, baby. I am very proud of you, the picture looks wonderful. Beautiful as always, my love.

  2. Yay, you look like wearable 80’s candy! I love it.

    And thanks for the blog link, I’d never heard of it. Always up for fresh new fashion.

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