Go West!

Admittedly, we’re not fans of country music, but there’s no doubt that the “West” has had an impact on fashion. The blue jean was first patented in the time of the Wild West, circa 1873, taking the cowboys from gun slinging to trend setting. This influence can certainly be found in today’s fashion and around the grid, so we’ve decided to bring you two looks for two eras.

Yes, I love vests. While this particular denim vest can be used to complement many styles its roots are planted firmly in the West, making it a perfect addition to this outfit. However, the star of this look for me is the boots. With its sculpted slouch effect and stiletto heel, they were clearly made for so much more than walking.

Nic’s cowboy hat is a given, but it’s his cowboy shirt, especially the plaid pattern, that has served its time in the fashion trend cycle. I love the turquoise and green colouring and find it perfect paired with dark wash denim.

Iris Seale of Punch Drunk’s, Spoiled Dress (Enayala Collection) was the inspiration for our Old West theme. The style of dress brought to mind a showgirl of sorts, and the rich colour and vintage texturing has me thinking saloon girls were the fashionistas of their time.

Nic is channeling his inner Wyatt Earp. From the wide brim desperado hat to the trusty holstered colt, he looks like a man that’s seen the other side of the law once or twice. A fashionable outlaw, who knew?


New West | Old West

Hair: Laqroki – Silk II (Platinum) | Armidi – Envy (Vanilla)
Skin: Redgrave – Chloe – smoky3 (Pale) | Chloe – smoky4 (Pale)
Eyes: MMS – Dark Brown Eyes
Lashes: – Karamia – Starry Eye Lashes
Shirt: Elephant Outfitters – Sailor Striped Sweater (Creme)
Vest: Elephant Outfitters – Andy Denim Vest (Light Blue)
Skirt/Dress: Dernier Cri – Ruffle Skirt (Tan) | Punch Drunk – Spoiled
Tights: Persona – Woolen Tights (Light Blue) | Rfyre – Fervor Stockings (Dark Plum)
Scarf: Tres Blah – Knitted Scarf (Wheat n’ Colors)
Footwear: Storm Schmooz – Texas Class (Red) | Armidi Gisaci – Vidalia Pump (FuiFui Turquoise)
Fan: Casa Del Shai Boudoir – Feather Fan (Ocean)
Poses: Animah – Confidant | Maitreya – FModel15

New West/Old West

Hair: Novocaine – Flynn (Mocha)
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio (Origin 1[B])
Eyes: Armidi – True Enhance Eyes (Moss)
Shirt: Rooster – Loose Check Shirt (Sky)
Pants: Armidi – A001 Jeans (Light Classic)
Suit: Deadwool – Wyatt Suit
Shoes: Redgrave – Boots (Brown)
Hat: Moderno – Keith Hair (Brown hat, with hair removed) | Josey Trautman Cowboy Hats – Fonda
Cigarette: FNKY! – Cigarette II (long ash) | Foxy – Cigar Slim (Short)
Gun: Urban Cache – Open Top Revolvers
Poses: LAP – Back Step | LAP – About Time


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on August 10, 2008.

14 Responses to “Go West!”

  1. looks like a friday night out in Calgary, dahl!!….wyatt nic, are you taking applications for a deputy??…i have a nice 10 inch….revolver that i like to shoot!!!

  2. I think that Dahlia & Nicolas is very fashionable. I am always surprised :))

  3. @ Law – Hahaha I take it someone’s been to Cowboys Nightclub? The only difference is nobody got shot or stabbed during this post!

    @ Monta – Thank you! We’re so glad you like it (:

  4. Since I know I’m not the only person who has noticed this, I’m going to come right out and say it rather than talk about it behind your back like everyone else is – Dahlia.

    I really wish you would go back to your old shape, because the one you are currently sporting looks like a cheap immitation of Mariya Nesiote’s – as though it’s not bad enough that she has to deal with wanna-be clones on a regular basis who are complete strangers, I don’t think it’s really pleasant for her to have to see this too.

    – Sofia Gray

  5. Save a horse, ride a Nic

  6. Nic here,

    Wow Sofia, you’re just a grade A ignorant cunt, aren’t ya?

  7. Sofia, while you claim to be taking the high road by not talking about it behind my back like everyone (I doubt it) else is, you still chose to publicize it here on mine and Nic’s blog. Come right out and say it? How about an IM? That would have been the classy thing to do, as this is the first I’ve heard of it. I guess class doesn’t come “cheap”.. since you’re so quick to throw that word around.

    As for my shape, if you take a look back on our blog it’s fairly evident that my shape, even still, is a work in progress. Also, I never sit down and completely re-do my shape, rather it is a series of tweaks that continues to evolve. What did change is my skin. I began wearing Redgrave’s Chloe (Pale) which would change the appearance of my shape based on the facial definition and design – you should know that by now. But to look like Mariya? Between a collective of recent blog posts and flickr pics I fail to see a resemblance at the level that you find so *dramatically* offensive.

  8. <3<3<3

  9. Can I just say…hahahahaha

    K, sorry, I’m done…nice blog btw guys 🙂

  10. Thank you Cabana! 😀

    <3<3<3 back atcha, Kalli 😉

  11. Yeehawww! lookin’ ready for a saloon brawl…death by feathery fan!

    LOL and someone needs to be effed by something hard and sandpapery.

  12. Nic here,

    Haha, if you have to go out, why not let it be by way of a pretty lady with a lush feathery fan?

    And amen to that hard part, but I think there’s enough sand up there already.

  13. I believe the person behind the avi and they way they treat others is where beauty lies. Dahl that makes you one of the most beautiful avis on the grid, inside and out. Love the inner country girl and guy coming out in you guys! YeeHaw!!!

  14. Thank you for your kinds words, Callie, and for being a truly beautiful person. Haha yeehaw indeed!

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