Life’s a Beach

Fashionably late, the Armidi team released a huge line of swimwear for both women AND men, the aptly named Sexy Summer collection (soon to be announced).

With a sea of bikinis and swimsuits to choose from, I first came upon the Tricote Nada in Gold. Some of you may remember the Yelena Gold Bikini Top of the Last Call era. Since then I have been on the hunt for a gold suit, or at least bottoms, of comparable quality and had yet to find one. Luckily, Hudsen Armidi created this holy grail of bikinis and I was quick to dive in. The gold texturing lends itself to a sparkle without being tacky, and the prim ties at the neck and back are an example of the attention paid to detail in this collection.

For Nic, it was like Christmas in August seeing new menswear at Armidi. Having felt ignored by the design team most of the summer, he quickly let go of his grudge and slipped into something a little more comfortable, the Urbana Board Shorts. Complete with prim leg attachments and a wide range of flawless textures to choose from, these boardies are beyond beachworthy.

My second choice was of a different style than the rest. The Amire il Nodo is a one piece with broad cutouts gathered and knotted in the centre for a sexy, stylish suit. For the sake of the post we decided not to “outfit” the swimwear, but this style in particular could easily be dressed up with a flowy skirt or sarong and an open-toe heel.

Choosing a more flashy pattern for his second showing, the vibrant Graffito Board Shorts offer something off the beaten wave. This pattern also lends itself to a more scene outfit paired with a coordinated tee and cons.

So, before the fall collections hit the stores Armidi delivers a helpful reminder. Summer isn’t over yet, it’s just heating up…

P.S. The women’s collection spans both Armidi Limited and Intitmizzio so don’t miss out! I’ll be back for the Boho 😉

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: Taking Back Sunday – You’re So Last Summer


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on August 16, 2008.

9 Responses to “Life’s a Beach”

  1. ❤ it.

  2. Sonya, if ever there was a reason to have a pool party this would be it!
    Glad you like it (:

  3. 😀 (btw thx for buying the Pochette ;O)

  4. Haha wasn’t sure if it was the same Sonya A. but now that I know it is… I love No Face bags! <3333

  5. THX ;O

  6. Just a quick question, where did Nick get his hair from? Thanks, love the post!

  7. Hey Jase! That hairstyle is the Flynn from Novocaine. Thanks for reading (:

  8. That skin is gorgeous on you…perfect for blonde’s 🙂

  9. Aw, thank you Char! I’ve wanted to wear Redgrave for a while but their previous line was too dark for blondes, at least this blonde. Pale is the new tan!

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