For Sale by Owners

Today Nicolas and I have dressed up for more than fashion’s sake. Our real estate agent inspired outfits, not to mention the big red sign, can only mean one thing.. we’re selling land!

Hair by MMS and Naughty | Clothing by Armidi Gisaci | Eyewear by tres blah and Arai

We’ve been the proud owners of 1 of 4 private beach plots on the coveted HarajukuBox Town Residential sim since its grand opening many months ago. But alas, it is time to take with us the friendships and memories made and extend this opportunity to you!

Firstly, we’ll let you know some of the benefits we’ve enjoyed as H-Box residents:

  • Exposure to Japanese culture in synch with Japanese holidays and events, which are celebrated sim-wide
  • Occasional rainy days – don’t worry, if you have a leaky roof a sim manager will send a repairman right away!
  • Magazines delivered to your own personal mailbox
  • Seven Seas fishing area
  • Friendly and attentive landlords (for lack of a better term)
  • A true sense of community

Sound good? Ok, let’s move on to the plot details:

  • Gated beach estate
  • Corner lot
  • Water on 2 sides (waves included!)
  • Standard H-Box house provided -or- supply a home of your choosing
  • 2080 sq. m.
  • 809 prims
  • L$6200 monthly tier (August’s tier has been paid in full)
  • L$25K purchase price



~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on August 21, 2008.

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