Hair Fair 2008

The eve of Hair Fair 2008 is upon us, and Nic and I were fortunate enough to receive a sneak peek of this highly anticipated event. Thanks, Sasy!

There’s a reason hair comes first on our style sheets. In our opinion, hair is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to define and transform your avatar’s overall style and appearance. Hair Fair 2008 makes that transformation all the more fun.

Dernier Cri has quickly established itself on the hair scene and I found their Hair Fair presence to be a great improvement from the first time I tried a demo in-store. The blonde texturing is great, especially with Dahlia’s fairer skin tone and the scripted colour change makes that transformation I mentioned even easier.
A newer presence is Novocaine and I am continually impressed with the styles and texturing they put forth.. I think I bought nearly all of them!

As is reflected on the grid, there was a significantly larger selection of female styles, but that doesn’t mean Nic didn’t find some great strands for guys. Argrace and Aitui were the male standouts, and how convenient for Nic, they all incorporate finely sculpted hats. Argrace perfectly tops off a closely shorn head with a classic “New York Cabbie” look as Nic described it. Aitui provided contrast with an oversized skull cap making slackers stylish and a military meets fashion style worthy of salute.

I was greatly looking forward to the new styles from my favourite designers, but I also wanted to make a point of branching out and finding someone new, to me at least. Wonderhair has a great style with long fringe bangs and hair loosely knotted in back, reminiscent of Armidi’s Ginza with just a little more edge. A lot more edge if you opt for the brightly coloured tips. I was pleased to pack it alongside my staples of Aden and Maitreya (how cute is that hat!).

Hopefully we’ve given you nine good reasons to check out this year’s Hair Fair, but don’t forget the most important one – the Locks of Love Campaign. Many designers are donating upwards of 50% of proceeds on selected styles to this great cause. Look good, and feel good too.


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on August 22, 2008.

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