Less On Learned

When I saw (Kara)Mia’s new skin on Miabella, I had to slip in to one. I was a fan of the unique look of Kara Eagle’s original skins, and the new line simply improves on greatness. I picked up the Punch and Oasis variations, and showcased the latter because I love the way the teal eyeliner pops against royal blue. And I couldn’t think of a better way to frame it than with Toast Bard’s Egyptian in white.. love it!

Fiertze & .Co piqued my curiousity with their funky, bright advertisements and I’ve ABCd my three favourites from this designer collaboration (coming soon):

A. Dark Wash Straight Leg Classic Jeans
I adore the weathered denim texture and white stiched detailing. Also, the sculpty legs keep the leg straight with no flare and no unecessary bulk.

B. Cobalt Half Gloves
I think this particular shade of blue is bold and eyecatching and paired with the half glove design it is all attitude.

C. Art Kid Glasses Navy Blackout
I will be wearing these sunnies long after summer is over.

This outfit is a pretty good example of less is more (lol) so I think I’ll wrap this post up with that sentiment in mind.

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: T.I. featuring Rihanna – Livin Your Life (RIDICULOUS numa numa sample!)


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on August 27, 2008.

5 Responses to “Less On Learned”

  1. Your avatar has infinite beautyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! @____@;; I can’t stop starring. No really I can’t.

  2. Hahah what an adorable comment! Thank you so much, Elka ❤

  3. Good picture.

  4. Thank you melkyaiboy135, we’re glad you like it (:

  5. MUAH like buttah! <33

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