Fashion for the Ears

We’ve always been strong believers in the influence of music on fashion and vice versa.  Music genres have been colliding with  fashion trends for decades to create a scene, which in many cases, became synonymous with the time period (e.g. 70s disco, early-90s grunge).  So, as much as possible we try to pursue both passions equally and draw much inspiration from both.

In this case, inspiration rang from within the new Creamshop sim which is rich with ambiance.  Ever a fan of their clothing, we ventured into the furniture section and stumbled upon greatness.  This record shelf spans two banks (only one pictured), is texture change, and comes complete with four realistic poses.  A veritable must for vinyl hunters and music aficionados.

Moving on to the fashion, our outfits were musically inclined and genre based.

Talk about music and fashion colliding.  After purchasing our treasured find for the day I ran into the beautiful and talented, Mimikri Kit of Mimikri.  Her latest release, Piri, is striking in its original form, but i decided to play with the skirt and lace underlay shortening both significantly to create a tutu-ish effect.  Modern hair with a classic flower accessory, and a colourful fabric tied wedge give this outfit a vintage pop persona à la Katy Perry.

Nic’s outfit is a bit more apropos as he ventures into the indie scene – and Ben Gibbard’s wardrobe. Yet another job for the cardigan! This burnt orange number is so 70s vintage turned hipster when paired with trousers and thick frame glasses.  One of Nic’s favourite fall footwear finds are the Canvas Lace Sneakers from Algernon.  The fatpack comes with texture change capabilities and he struck a perfect match with the sweater.  Hey, if you’re gonna be dancing your feet have to look good.

So.. wear the music, hear the fashion, and speak only between songs.

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: Meaghan Smith – If You Asked Me (This song is old school done proper!)


Hair: Aden – Tammy (LightBlonde)
Skin: MiA – Pale Skin (Punch)
Eyes: MMS – Dark Brown Eyes
Lashes: Redgrave – MoulinRouge
Dress: Mimikri – Piri/Scale 1 (modified)
Shoes: Gbberish – Twin Hearts Wedges (Mangosteen)
Hair Accessory: Artilleri – rose hair flower (pink)
Necklace: +plus – Funky Necklace (Bronze)
Pose: Vain Inc. – *V* Nympf

Hair: TRUTH – Mr Smith (Java)
Skin: Millage Valenti – SKA-004 (Nude – Beard)
Eyes: Armidi – True Enhance Eyes (Emerald)
Sweater: Novocaine – Cafe Cardigan (Brass)
Shirt: Valiant – Designer Showcase Autumn Suit Shirt
Pants: Savvy Avvy – Dress Pants (Taupe w/ Black Belt)
Shoes: Algernon – Canvas Lace Sneaker
Glasses: artilleri – Buddy Glasses
Pose: LAP – Every Man

Prop: Creamshop – Record Shelf with Ladder


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on October 28, 2008.

5 Responses to “Fashion for the Ears”

  1. They keep watching, keep watchin’
    Feels like the the crowd was saying
    Gimme Gimme more Gimme more Gimme gimme more

    i keep thinking of this song everytime i read this blog!

  2. oh ya! amin to that!

  3. @ Alex – LOL! It’s so funny you should say that because the colours in that dress totally reminded me of Britney’s Curious perfume campaign. Btw, her new song is hot!

    @ Mo – ohai! We are seeing you everywhere lately 😀
    You are sex on a power scooter.

    Thank you both so much <3<3

  4. oh my! How adorable are you two?! You completely hit the nail on the head with my soft spot for vinyl. Part is nostalgia. There’s something so perfect about putting a record onto the turn table and gently placing the needle atop.

  5. Abra! Haha thank you. I always knew deep down you had to be a vinyl lover at heart. That’s our kind of people!

    Isn’t funny the way music mediums and sound quality have evolved from cassette, to CD, and now mp3s, yet few things beat hearing your favourite artist on vinyl. I guess it’s kind of like how everything sounds better in French. Mais oui!

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