Eskimo Kisses

Winter is the perfect season for Eskimo kisses, and few things make rubbing noses more enticing than a beautiful skin and an adorable touque. (Canadian alert – it’s called a touque, eh!)

Ai Baroque and her partner, Selling Price, have recently opened their skin store, Lyriope, which offers a variety of photo realistic female skins.  Nicolas and I have had the pleasure of working with Ai at Nex-Core over the past year, so keeping that in mind I’ve tried to approach these skins with the objectivity of a stranger (though I’m glad we’re not!).

Heloise – Purple | Daphne – Double | Heloise – Orchid

Where skins are concerned, the facial design and cosmetics are of utmost importance to me, and this is the area in which Lyriope truly excels.

Using much more than skintones to set each of the skins apart (Charlene, Daphne, Heloise, and Kendra), I was drawn to the difference in eyebrows, eye makeup, and lips between each.  Heloise in particular has a striking, highly arched, full brow to complement the intensity of the makeup, whereas Daphne has a finer, more level brow for everyday appeal.  I also liked the fuller pout of Charlene, with its matte, poppy red lip stain and hope to see more of the pretty gloss treatment used on Daphne in future releases.

Kendra – Smokey | Charlene – Soft Smoke | Daphne – Smokey

So, it seems to me that Lyriope has pretty much aced the face.  Now, I mentioned in our intro that these skins are photo realistic and that is especially noticeable on the belly button and the nipples, so more blending would be beneficial in those areas.  I appreciate the soft, rounded shading of the breasts which lends itself nicely to a feminine form, but I would like to see more shading specifically in the abdomen and collarbone areas.

Overall the body does lack the detail of it’s photosourced competitors (e.g. Redgrave), but I find these skins ideal for headshots and look forward to seeing the talents of Ai and Selling further increased and explored with the longevity of a successful business.


On to my Eskimo kisses recipient.. Nic is sporting the latest addition to his expanding skin repertoire, Aitui’s Redeemer.

I find that this skin gives Nic a more youthful appearance as the face is slightly less chiseled, while still being highly detailed.  The pec and abdominal areas are certainly not lacking in the chiseled department, giving Nic the sculpted six-pack definition we have come to expect from our male avatars.  No pressure guys!  Also, Aitui offers varying facial hair options from one skin to the next so the choice is yours to go bare or bearded.  Nic chose a bit of scruff so as not to let the baby face fool you.  And such is the true beauty of Eskimo kisses, no 5’oclock shadow rash!

So, take the time to rub noses with a loved one and have a great weekend!


Hair: 69 – ESCAPE 02 (Pearl Blonde)
Skins: Lyriope
Eyes: MMS – Dark Brown Eyes
Lashes: Redgrave – MoulinRouge
Vest*: Cubic Effect – Short Leather Jacket (Bright Gray)
*Remember that uber versatile jacket I mentioned in our last post?  It also makes a killer winter vest when using the sculpted spine attachment – and it uses zero layers \o/

Hair: Argrace – KnitCap (Dark Brown)
Skin: Aitui – Redeemer
Eyes: Armidi Beauty – True Enhance Eyes (Emerald )
Boxers: Armidi Intimizzio – Maschio Boxer Briefs (Desert Brown)
Scarf: Argrace – Check Muffler (Cream)


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on November 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “Eskimo Kisses”

  1. ooo Charlene – Soft Smoke ive never seen these skins before and nicolas looks great with that skin wooohoo nice boxers hahah

  2. The Charlene is great and the colouring of the Soft Smoke in particular is vaguely reminiscent of Toast Bard’s skins imo. So hard to get that perfect poppy red.

    I like that skin on Nic too, I’ll have to see if I can convince him to put it into heavier rotation. Boxers ftw \o/ hahah

    Thanks for reading, kizzy, and we’re glad you enjoyed the skins 😀

  3. Hay miss Fatty Fatty U A Murdaaaaa Hotta den lava my gurl U A burn up

    Bomb Skin Lovers lol xoxoSCENE QUEENxoxo

  4. Ok, I am going to have Nic help me respond to this in Patois. XD

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