We’re Board

Well, this post is long overdue.  Thanks to some friendly nagging from the gorgeous Vanity Esparza, we decided it was again time to pick our five favourite notes from the Comments & Suggestions board at our Trilogy office.  So without further ado, here they are in random order:

  1. “happy happy joy joy day dahlia…bends over so you can blow out the candle sticking out of his arse.” – A unique rez day wish from Lawless McBride
  2. “Oh Nicky boy, it’s nice to finally know what to burn down if you aggravate me.” – Alco Gerstort
  3. “Love our little secret in the rain!” – Mangosio Lohner
  4. “Fashion in the alley/with rain…ROCKS!!!” – Raye Renard


A big thank you to everyone who wandered in from the rain and took the time to leave us a message. Definitely a colourful group this time around!  So, now the board is clear and notes are up for the taking, but be careful what you write as it just may end up being blogged :p

As for our outfits, the foundation of mine was this ultra adorable Christmas apron from Surf Co., available in a wide range of colours.  I have a feeling Emma Gilmour loves the holidays, and it shows.  It almost makes me wish our SL oven worked!

Nic on the other hand decided to forego the festivities and went with a classic schoolboy chic look with a cardigan/oxford and tie combination from Valiant and Unknown Boutique respectively.  I don’t know if Santa would consider me good or bad this year, but if I could just get Nic in my stocking I’d be a happy girl.

P.S. Trilogy’s fashion alley in the RAIN has been transformed into a fashion alley in the SNOW for the holidays.  Don’t miss it!

Author’s Note: Nic was admitted to the hospital for surgery today and will be out of commission for the next few days to a week.  I was able to speak with him really briefly and I’m happy to report that despite sounding a bit groggy he is doing well and the doctors expect a full and speedy recovery.  So, please send him good vibrations and hopefully he will be back sooner rather than later.  Miss you, love.

getattachmentaspx were-board

Hair: Truth – Scarlett (Honey)
Skin: Redgrave – Jennifer Pale Skin (Deep Red)
Eyes: MMS – Dark Brown Eyes
Lashes: Redgrave – MoulinRouge
Apron: Surf Co – I ❤ Christmas Apron (Red)
Sweater: Armidi – Boucle Low Cut Tunic Sweater
Turtleneck: Tres Blah – Turtleneck (Olive)
Pants: Armidi Gisaci – Journey Tweed Slacks (Twig)
Boots: Kookie – Special Muggy Love
Poses by LAP and Torrid

Hair: Laqroki – Roulette (Dark Brown)
Skin: Millage Valenti – SKA-004 (Nude – Regular)
Eyes: Armidi – True Enhance Eyes (Emerald)
Sweater: Valiant – Winter Warmer Black Cardigan
Shirt: Unknown Boutique – Diamond Cardigan inner Shirt (Red Tie)
Pants: Shai – Scruffy Jeans (Bruno)
Shoes: Hoorenbeek – Allen (Black)
Poses by Vista Animations and Animazoo


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on December 5, 2008.

7 Responses to “We’re Board”

  1. 😮 I hope he’s out and feeling better soon. And that it’s nothing serious. I will forward a get well soon card with Mike Tyson on it to Maggie.

  2. ^ thats an : o face not a smiley face btw haha.

  3. LOL Esme! Nothing says get well quite like Mike Tyson imo. Via Maggie is a nice touch too 😉
    Rest assured it’s nothing too serious and he will be back to his usual loveable foolish self really soon.

    P.S. Cute avatar pic!

  4. ok first ok nagging >.<
    second omg in that apron nude baking cakes lol

  5. well, hi admin and people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

  6. Hello cwx(…) merry Christmas and thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked the blog 🙂

  7. White gold heart pendants and titanium cross pendants

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