The Lioness

Tonight LionSkins will be releasing their third line of skins, SU, and living up to its brand name you’ll feel like queen of the proverbial jungle – at least I did. /me roars.

This particular line has been several months in the making, which is remarkably fast when you take in to account the hand painted detail on each of the 4 skintones and 40 makeup options.  Yes, 40 at just 500L each.

I’ve chosen 2 different skintones and 2 very different makeup options to showcase below, and I’m focusing on what I believe to be the high points of this skin, and any skin really, which is the face.  Please don’t confuse this with the notion that the body is sub-par, it isn’t. The body itself is fairly average as far as skins go, and I don’t go traipsing about the grid naked (much), so naturally it’s the facial details which make this a star skin for me.


Ok, so first off to the left we’ve got #28 in pale.   I typically prefer to focus on one facial feature to attract the eye (i.e. dark eyes, muted pout), but against the alabaster skintone this overload of drama really works.  The winged inner and outer tips of the eye provide great shape and definition, and the small details like the smudged plum shadow/liner on the lower lid makes me think the love of the game is in the makeup for creator Lion Jonesford too.

Second on the roster is #30 in sun.  While the skintone is darker, a lighter, more whimsical approach was taken here and the pairing of soft grays and blues with gold is a personal fave.  In this instance, the lips are kept natural and pretty to allow the eyes to really steal the show, and that they do.  Much like its counterpart, this skin is perfect for the catwalk and creative flickr types adding an element of haute couture (yeah, I went there) to your cosmetic repertoire.

I should add, they have a lot of natural, day-to-day appropriate makeups included in their selection, but as a RL makeup artist wannabe I couldn’t resist the artistry of the outrageous.

P.S. Quick Nic update.  He’s been super busy building, and now opening, a new 1930s based RP sim, Bishop Valley.  Needless to say you can expect a vintage themed post in the near future 😉

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: Malajube – Montréal -40°C (en francais)


Hair: House of Heart – Shelby (Natural Blonde) | Aveda Institute (ETD) – Short Bob (Champagne)
Skin: LionSkins – #28 Pale | #30 Sun
Eyes: MMS – Dark Brown Eyes
Lashes: Redgrave – MoulinRouge
Hat: Picnic – head dress – G
Muffler: **DP**yumyum – muffler (Purple)
Tops: Ibizarre – knit tank (champagne) and black tank of the Audrey set | MichaMi – GlamTank (Dark Gray)
Bag: +plus – Absolut Essential HandBag (red)
Necklace: Mijn Boa – Le Masque (chat blanc)
Poses: *V* – Vogue2 | {Flowey} – turning into dusk


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on January 4, 2009.

8 Responses to “The Lioness”

  1. /me RAWRS!! I loove them Dahl. You look tough and pretty, like every woman should! <333

  2. I am Abra, hear me roar! ❤

    Thanks so much and I’m really glad you like them too. Tough and pretty, it could be a deoderant commerical, but I’m kinda glad it’s LionSkins instead. :p

  3. omg, /me dies. I think I may be laughing forever from that comment xD

  4. He’s been super busy building, and now opening, a new 1930s based RP sim, Bishop Valley.


  5. Olivia! Hopefully we’ll catch you there sometime. If you’re into RP and/or the 30s & 40s (a lot of attention is paid to authenticity) then I think you’ll really like it. It’s in its initial stages of course, but it’s been a lot of fun so far. I know you can dress the part!

    P.S. Swing by the Pinstripe for a drink on the house 😉

    P.P.S LOL @ Abra

  6. Ferocious!

    30s sim sounds gooood! I’m all for RP sims that doesn’t involve impaling devices and questionable pieces of carpentry.

  7. Thank you James!

    As for the RP sim you should deffo come and have a look, even just for the entertainment of watching Nic transform into a guinea gangster. “What’s it to ya, toots?” Yeah, that was priceless.

    Don’t worry, no splinters for you.

  8. I like this fashion designs, more unique and glamorous arts. anyway, watch jewelry should be add.

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