Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

•December 24, 2008 • 3 Comments


I’d Millad Said oua Sana Saida | Boas Festas e Feliz Ano Novo | Kung His Hsin Nien bing Chu Shen Tan | Sretan Bozic | Hyvaa joulua | Joyeux Noel | Froehliche Weihnachten | Kala Christouyenna | Mo’adim Lesimkha Chena tova | Buone Feste Natalizie | Shinnen omedeto. Kurisumasu Omedeto | Sung Tan Chuk Ha | God Jul | Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia | Boas Festas | Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva is Novim Godom | Feliz Navidad | Maligayamg Pasko. Masaganang Bagong Taon | Srozhdestvom Kristovym


On the Fringe

•December 18, 2008 • 10 Comments

A recent conversation surrounding one of this week’s SLsecrets regarding diversity, or lack thereof, in Second Life had me thinking about the diversity within my own inventory.

I typically don’t stray too far from the avatar or character of Dahlia that I’ve created, at least where hair colour, eye colour, and skin tone are concerned.  The main reason for that simply being continuity, though it’s not unheard of for me to wear variations of any of the aforementioned once in a while.

That being said, while the quantity of choice may not be there for ethnic skins, there is quality to be found.  And what better way to hit the fringe than with GiGi Couture’s soon to be released open front sweaters! Look for them hopefully by the weekend.

My left look isn’t much of a departure from my usual, but the skin itself is made by Aoharu.  While the skin is not noticeably Asian and even lends itself easily to a more European style, the body detailing is so hyperprocessed that it almost resembles high quality manga.  It may be a stretch to call that a cultural feature of the skin, but paired with a wide range of makeups including geisha specific styles, this is a skinline which I feel deserves its place in the quality diversity category.

Beauty Avatar’s latest skin release revealed even more choice and their Diana skin in particular caught my eye as a beautifully diverse option, though the highlighting on the face may not be to everyone’s preference.   I should mention that each of the various skins at Beauty Avatar have a face designed and drawn specifically for that particular tone, no simple re-tinting and re-selling here.  I used the exact same shape for both of the above skins, so the difference in the facial design based on skin alone is remarkable.

I guess my outlook on the whole diversity thing is a bit of a catch22 – because there is less public demand and options for ethnic skins it becomes the minority, but if the opposite were true they would no longer be considered diverse.  I’m the kind of girl who often likes things to be under the radar.  If you’ve ever been pissed off to hear your favourite song on a cd announced as the artist’s new single then you know what I mean.  Embrace your diversity and be happy it is exactly that – diverse!

Oh, and speaking of embracing.. Giana Paine has struck boho gold with these upcoming sweaters.  They will be available in 4 textures, each with a fringe/no fringe option (who says no to fringe?) so they are sure to add a bit of diversity to your winter wardrobe.  Definitely my favourite piece of her expanding line thus far.


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We’re Blazed

•December 12, 2008 • 8 Comments

From the slopes of Canada to the pubs of Boston, the Classic Pinstripe Blazer proves to be a versatile fashion staple for fashionistas and fashionistos alike.

In general, Nic and I have a similar approach to fashion though our individual tastes can vary from one outfit to the next.  Keeping that in mind, we’ve created two completely different themes with our respective blazers, and with a vast array of colours available they are sure to add a finishing touch to many future outfits.

dahlicequeenThey say you can take the girl out Canada..

Well, I wish I could be taken out of Canada (at least my neck of the woods) for tomorrow anyway.  We have a forecasted high of -41 Celsius with the windchill, ugh.   Luckily in SL® we get to enjoy the visual beauty of winter without the frostbite, so while this outfit certainly wouldn’t cut it RL, it can take me year-round on the grid.

Silver, whites, and greys have really set the tone for the season imo, and it’s so easy to blend them from one creator to the next.  New designs from Cachet help to round this outfit out, in particular the Marianne Tartan skirt.  Being that Dahlia is a shorter av (though she’s grown), I rarely wear long skirts, but the texture, volume, and hemline of this suits me just fine and it’s season appropriate.  Win win!


It’s no secret that Nic lives in Florida, but having spent a good amount of time in Boston I think that’s where he hangs his proverbial hat.  With pubs a plenty, he decided upon a self-professed “Irish Hooligan” ensemble.  I don’t know much about the hooligan part, but that outfit is sure to garner him some Irish luck.

Green is one of my favourite colours on Nic and this blazer is no exception.
Especially when paired with classic denim, earthy brown accents, and a sternum baring tee – yum!  This look is great because it can effortlessly take you from night to day, but judging by his photo background of choice I doubt he’ll remember much of either.  Cheers!

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: Albert Hammond – *GfC*


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We’re Board

•December 5, 2008 • 7 Comments

Well, this post is long overdue.  Thanks to some friendly nagging from the gorgeous Vanity Esparza, we decided it was again time to pick our five favourite notes from the Comments & Suggestions board at our Trilogy office.  So without further ado, here they are in random order:

  1. “happy happy joy joy day dahlia…bends over so you can blow out the candle sticking out of his arse.” – A unique rez day wish from Lawless McBride
  2. “Oh Nicky boy, it’s nice to finally know what to burn down if you aggravate me.” – Alco Gerstort
  3. “Love our little secret in the rain!” – Mangosio Lohner
  4. “Fashion in the alley/with rain…ROCKS!!!” – Raye Renard


A big thank you to everyone who wandered in from the rain and took the time to leave us a message. Definitely a colourful group this time around!  So, now the board is clear and notes are up for the taking, but be careful what you write as it just may end up being blogged :p

As for our outfits, the foundation of mine was this ultra adorable Christmas apron from Surf Co., available in a wide range of colours.  I have a feeling Emma Gilmour loves the holidays, and it shows.  It almost makes me wish our SL oven worked!

Nic on the other hand decided to forego the festivities and went with a classic schoolboy chic look with a cardigan/oxford and tie combination from Valiant and Unknown Boutique respectively.  I don’t know if Santa would consider me good or bad this year, but if I could just get Nic in my stocking I’d be a happy girl.

P.S. Trilogy’s fashion alley in the RAIN has been transformed into a fashion alley in the SNOW for the holidays.  Don’t miss it!

Author’s Note: Nic was admitted to the hospital for surgery today and will be out of commission for the next few days to a week.  I was able to speak with him really briefly and I’m happy to report that despite sounding a bit groggy he is doing well and the doctors expect a full and speedy recovery.  So, please send him good vibrations and hopefully he will be back sooner rather than later.  Miss you, love.

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Eskimo Kisses

•November 28, 2008 • 4 Comments

Winter is the perfect season for Eskimo kisses, and few things make rubbing noses more enticing than a beautiful skin and an adorable touque. (Canadian alert – it’s called a touque, eh!)

Ai Baroque and her partner, Selling Price, have recently opened their skin store, Lyriope, which offers a variety of photo realistic female skins.  Nicolas and I have had the pleasure of working with Ai at Nex-Core over the past year, so keeping that in mind I’ve tried to approach these skins with the objectivity of a stranger (though I’m glad we’re not!).

Heloise – Purple | Daphne – Double | Heloise – Orchid

Where skins are concerned, the facial design and cosmetics are of utmost importance to me, and this is the area in which Lyriope truly excels.

Using much more than skintones to set each of the skins apart (Charlene, Daphne, Heloise, and Kendra), I was drawn to the difference in eyebrows, eye makeup, and lips between each.  Heloise in particular has a striking, highly arched, full brow to complement the intensity of the makeup, whereas Daphne has a finer, more level brow for everyday appeal.  I also liked the fuller pout of Charlene, with its matte, poppy red lip stain and hope to see more of the pretty gloss treatment used on Daphne in future releases.

Kendra – Smokey | Charlene – Soft Smoke | Daphne – Smokey

So, it seems to me that Lyriope has pretty much aced the face.  Now, I mentioned in our intro that these skins are photo realistic and that is especially noticeable on the belly button and the nipples, so more blending would be beneficial in those areas.  I appreciate the soft, rounded shading of the breasts which lends itself nicely to a feminine form, but I would like to see more shading specifically in the abdomen and collarbone areas.

Overall the body does lack the detail of it’s photosourced competitors (e.g. Redgrave), but I find these skins ideal for headshots and look forward to seeing the talents of Ai and Selling further increased and explored with the longevity of a successful business.


On to my Eskimo kisses recipient.. Nic is sporting the latest addition to his expanding skin repertoire, Aitui’s Redeemer.

I find that this skin gives Nic a more youthful appearance as the face is slightly less chiseled, while still being highly detailed.  The pec and abdominal areas are certainly not lacking in the chiseled department, giving Nic the sculpted six-pack definition we have come to expect from our male avatars.  No pressure guys!  Also, Aitui offers varying facial hair options from one skin to the next so the choice is yours to go bare or bearded.  Nic chose a bit of scruff so as not to let the baby face fool you.  And such is the true beauty of Eskimo kisses, no 5’oclock shadow rash!

So, take the time to rub noses with a loved one and have a great weekend!


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Judy Jetscene

•November 27, 2008 • 7 Comments

This post all began with a simple graphic tank, which loudly declares, “Fuck the Scene”.  Now most scenesters will recognize this as one of the most genuine proclamations of love, so it shall be noted that “Fuck the Scene” and “An Ode to the Scene” are interchangeable.

As we mentioned in one of our really early posts, the scene umbrellas a lot of genres and sub-cultures. So, keeping said tank in mind I decided the styling should be borderline electro with a modern, high fashion edge – a look Nic lovingly dubbed, Judy Jetscene.  Which brings me to the hair..


The Aoki style is an upcoming release from Creamshop and it caught my eye for both its uniqueness and its impracticality.   This is the sort of hairstyle I could never pull off IRL so what better place to wear it than here, right?  It’s fabulous and I love it.


As for the electro, the tank definitely set the foundation for a high voltage combination of hot pink and white.  While I typically like to work in colour/shade palettes of three (sometimes more), with an outfit as loud as this I felt that keeping the hues at two kept the look from overpowering itself.

This sculpted open front jacket has appeared in previous posts and it really has become one of my more versatile pieces of clothing.  I would love to see a wider selection of this style as it certainly fits the part when I want to complement my shirt layer rather than conceal it.

I kept the accessories in line with the colour scheme and opted out of earrings in particular so as not to distract from the over-the-top coif. And I am so glad! I have been dying to incorporate my ‘Da Shutter’ shades into an outfit and I don’t think this one would be the same without them.  \o/ Dango!

So, whichever ode to the scene you prefer (e.g. fuck the scene, the scene is dead, don’t call me a scene kid, what scene?) wear it loud and proud, we know what you mean anyway 😉

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: Kanye West – Heartless (Thanks, Mia!) AND The Killers – Spaceman


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Ain’t No Heist Like a Jewelry Heist

•November 21, 2008 • 12 Comments

The foundation for this post was provided by Bandit Jewelry, which has an expansive array of fine accessories for both men and women, not to mention shoes!  We decided to theme this post with our own interpretation of the word ‘bandit’ and had a lot of fun with character development.  Keep your eyes peeled for the following pair, and above all else, sleep with your jewelry on for fear of losing it!


Name: Dahlia Eilde
Moniker: The Black Dahlia
Characteristics and Information: A criminally vintage kleptomaniac with a penchant for fine jewelry. Her work begins once her victims fall asleep and she can easily be identified by the ever present flower tucked amongst her wild blonde hair, if you ever catch a glimpse of her that is.  Renowned for her swift, light movements and silent footsteps, she takes great pleasure not only in securing your dearest jewelry, but she has been known to brazenly adorn herself with it before sneaking back out into the dark as reported by a rare eye witness.  Her latest fixation is platinum and her most recent score garnered a double strand necklace, ring, and jeweled heels.  Though unarmed, her close ties to the Sinatra Crime Family make her a dangerous suspect.  Please exercise due caution.


Name: Nicolas Sinatra
Moniker: Nicky Baggadonuts
Characteristics and Information: Reputed boss of the Sinatra Crime Family.  Experts are led to believe he controls several local drug trafficking, racketeering, and money laundering operations in addition to his favourite crime throwback, jewelry heists.  With no tattoos or visible markings, his main identifier is a gold diamond encrusted watch with an Italian flag situated above 12 o’clock.  A ‘gift’ from the Black Dahlia herself.  He wears his Italian pride on his wrist and keeps his sleeves clean by doing what he does best – being the boss.  He is known to wait until sunrise for the Black Dahlia’s return, yet in an inexplicable move she refuses to part with her findings until she’s worn them at least three times and only after she’s satisfied her next fix.  The full extent of their relationship is unclear, though experts conclude they are now living together at an unidentified coastal address.

Please contact your local authorities with any information.  You will remain anonymous.

Author’s Note: A special thank you to Saretta Tedeschi of Bandit Jewelry for her help in making this post possible.  We were both impressed with the selection and quality of products offered – boyfriends and husbands this is a Christmas no-brainer!  Some items contain bling and while there is still a market for this, a bling on/off option would be our only suggestion.


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