The Poetry of Bonnie Parker


The Trails End by Bonnie Parker

You’ve read the story of Jesse James
of how he lived and died.
If you’re still in need;
of something to read,
here’s the story of Bonnie and Clyde.

Now Bonnie and Clyde are the Barrow gang
I’m sure you all have read.
how they rob and steal;
and those who squeal,
are usually found dying or dead.

There’s lots of untruths to these write-ups;
they’re not as ruthless as that.
their nature is raw;
they hate all the law,
the stool pidgeons, spotters and rats.

They call them cold-blooded killers
they say they are heartless and mean.
But I say this with pride
that I once knew Clyde,
when he was honest and upright and clean.

But the law fooled around;
kept taking him down,
and locking him up in a cell.
Till he said to me;
“I’ll never be free,
so I’ll meet a few of them in hell”

The road was so dimly lighted
there were no highway signs to guide.
But they made up their minds;
if all roads were blind,
they wouldn’t give up till they died.

The road gets dimmer and dimmer
sometimes you can hardly see.
But it’s fight man to man
and do all you can,
for they know they can never be free.

From heart-break some people have suffered
from weariness some people have died.
But take it all in all;
our troubles are small,
till we get like Bonnie and Clyde.

If a policeman is killed in Dallas
and they have no clue or guide.
If they can’t find a fiend,
they just wipe their slate clean
and hang it on Bonnie and Clyde.

There’s two crimes committed in America
not accredited to the Barrow mob.
They had no hand;
in the kidnap demand,
nor the Kansas City Depot job.

A newsboy once said to his buddy;
“I wish old Clyde would get jumped.
In these awfull hard times;
we’d make a few dimes,
if five or six cops would get bumped”

The police haven’t got the report yet
but Clyde called me up today.
He said,”Don’t start any fights;
we aren’t working nights,
we’re joining the NRA.”

From Irving to West Dallas viaduct
is known as the Great Divide.
Where the women are kin;
and the men are men,
and they won’t “stool” on Bonnie and Clyde.

If they try to act like citizens
and rent them a nice little flat.
About the third night;
they’re invited to fight,
by a sub-gun’s rat-tat-tat.

They don’t think they’re too smart or desperate
they know that the law always wins.
They’ve been shot at before;
but they do not ignore,
that death is the wages of sin.

Some day they’ll go down together
they’ll bury them side by side.
To few it’ll be grief,
to the law a relief
but it’s death for Bonnie and Clyde.


68 Responses to “The Poetry of Bonnie Parker”

  1. I find the Bonnie and Clyde story fascinating!

  2. As do we! It is romanticized crime at its finest, while being purely romantic in its own rite. Legendary!

  3. Lovely.

  4. wow

  5. Amazing to say the least… It seems the law wasn’t playing fair to begin with and they weren’t having it….

  6. This poem was also used by French singer Serge Gainsbourg in a duet with Brigitte Bardot in 1967: “Bonnie and Clyde” (

  7. *tip of the hat*

  8. omfg. this is so sad .
    They did it bc they loved eachother, kinda romantical in a haunting way..

  9. omg….. she was very talented. i dont think the lawmen were fair and its tragic how they were MURDERED!

  10. This makes me want to cry because I can feel the oppression and grief they had. It is a very sad day when two young people cannot see beyond such a hope. My God remember them in His great memory.

    Seems my great grandfather’s aunt was Clydes mother.

  11. That’s touching! The Power Of Love!

  12. So, I’ve been told that my great grandmother, fed chili to Bonnie and Clyde while they were on the run through Anacoco, Louisiana. In a house, I’ve slept in and is still owned by family. Because of this, I’ve always been so intrigued with this couple. After reading her poetry, all I can say is, “Wow”.

  13. Hard times, form hard people. The roots of their desperation and wrath blows up from the dustbowl desolation of the Great Depression, the brutalization of when he was young, and the haunted feeling of being relentlessly hunted.
    Bonnie Parker knew what fate awaited them, which makes this poem all the sadder and more poignant.

    James Blears. Mexico City

  14. The thing that tears me up about Bonnie and Clyde is their undying (no pun intended) love for each other. After Bonnie’s leg was horribly injured, Clyde would carry her where she needed to go. How many men would to that these days? I hate the fact the two were not buried next to each other as they should have been.

  15. She really was talented… You know that Bonnie never actually shot anybody herself? She died innocent. The report from the farmer at Grapevine, Texas was later discredited. Bonnie actually tried to help the wounded men. And you can tell that they were really in love, from the pictures to the poetry to the stories. It makes it even sadder that they knew it was coming. Although I suppose that’s also a good thing. No regrets. But I do hate that they weren’t buried together. It makes me want to cry.

  16. who say Bonnie and clyde are dead! with such an amazing poem, Bonnie had made them both, immortal and thereby bot names will live as long as any body else in poetry, literature or history.

  17. whats sad about these two people is that they let all hell loose and didnte give a damn as long as they were together. i am sure that Bonnie was pissed at cylde but she probably got over it. i guess that i guess that is what love does to you. they can put you through hell but you still care somehow. Thats what i admire about Bonnie.

  18. I am trying to track down who has the copyright to Bonnie Parker’s Poems, I am an artist in Australia & I am about to paint them, but what inspires me is her poem “The Trails End” that I want to put in the painting. Can anyone help me? Thanks

  19. I am trying to track down who has the copyright to Bonnie Parker’s Poems, I am an artist in Australia & I am about to paint them, but what inspires me is her poem “The Trails End” that I want to put in the painting. Can anyone help me? Thanks

  20. beautifully crafted

  21. They were murderers. The Barrow gang was responsible for 13 murders.

    Woe to those who call evil good
    and good evil,
    who put darkness for light
    and light for darkness,
    who put bitter for sweet
    and sweet for bitter
    – Isaiah 5:20

  22. Dear Amy,
    You can not hide light from a star. Remember even a bad person has some goodness in him. In this case I see more good than bad. it is all circumstantial that happened to B and C. Could have been averted if peoples would have cared for them.
    take care.
    Good luck

  23. It was definitely never my intention to glorify B&C’s wrong doing, nor to imply that anything about it was good. In her poem, Bonnie displays a certain desperation and resignation in her heart. My heart feels sadness due to the circumstances that make people so desperate. Obviously, Satan the Devil is at its roots! Aren’t we happy that “death pays for all ones’ sins” and after the resurrection we will be judged on God’s new standards, and without Satan’s influences.

  24. Although I don’t agree with what Bonnie and Clyde did, I do feel some sadness for the desperation and loss of hope coming from the poem. Bonnie was obviously a talented writer, and the couple seemed very much in love.

    Once again, although they made some bad choices, Bonnie’s wanting to help those cops near Grapevine shows that she wasn’t an evil person. Clyde also was not an evil person, since he had the ability to love Bonnie enough to care for her after her serious injury.

    People seem to have forgotten how rough the Great Depression was and what people went through during this time. We are currently dealing with a recession that is nowhere near as bad as the Depression. While they made some bad choices, we can’t judge them too harshly when we have not lived their life in those harsh conditions.

    I am sad that Bonnie and Clyde were not buried together, but I am glad that they were able to leave earth together.


    Whoever you are, oh man,
    you who condemns yourself once again,
    inasmuch as you that judge,
    if in the thing in which another you be-smudge,
    yet, you practice the same things,
    inexcusability from God it brings.

    Now we know that the judgment of God
    is in accord with accuracy of alignment,
    against those who do not practice refinement,
    but do you think that you will escape the judgment of His?
    Do you not know that the kindly [quality] of God
    is trying to lead you to lament?
    Nevertheless, if you despise the riches of his kindness
    and forbearance and long-suffering,
    you will not be able to repent
    because according to your hardness and unrepentant heart
    you are storing up great anger from God for your part,
    on the day of divine retribution
    during God’s reconstitution.

    Moreover, he will render to each one
    according to his deeds and actions:
    everlasting life to those who are seeking glory
    and honor and incorruptibleness through endurance factions,
    in working what is good.

    However, for those who fail to digest the spiritual food,
    and are contentious and who disobey the truth
    but obey unrighteousness, forsooth!

    For there will be wrath and anger,
    tribulation and distress,
    upon the soul of every man who works what is injurious,
    but, because there is no partiality with god;
    glory and honor and peace
    for everyone who works what is good.

    By RE Littlefield

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  31. I know they were criminals and all, but its still such a shame that they werent buried together like they wanted. Supposedly it was bonnies mother that refused to let her daughter be buried next to clyde, she wanted her brought home.

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  66. they have such a lovely story!it sounds like the law wasn’t being all that fair!:-(

  67. They may pose as you and ask people money by writing like you were in
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  68. Believe it or not, Bonnie and Clyde shot a cop, Edward Wheeler, his ancestry is very old and it goes back to AD 819!

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