Parlez-Vous Français?

This outfit is definitely French inspired.  I have a soft spot for most things French, from movies (Amélie) to music (Cara Bruni – idk what you think of her hooking up with the President, but she has a pretty voice) and for whatever reason, I throw stripes in to that category as well.  They just have that ‘je ne sais quoi’. 😛


We recently did a ton of shopping and re-visited an old favourite, Emery, where I found this great striped sweater and pair of skinny, black, zippered pants/leggings bundled up in one outfit, Dora.  The legging bottoms extend on to the foot a little bit, a look I love with ballet slippers or flats. Something I’ve always loved about Emery is they are one of the few places that I wear the outfit as-is out of the folder.  I’m constantly mixing and matching, but sometimes it’s nice to just right click and add to outfit.

Moving on, all I needed were a few accessories, and luckily this sweet little hairstyle from !lamb doubled as an accessory with its beret, though I (and just about everyone on Plurk) are eagerly awaiting hatless versions.  Gloves, specs, flats, and a French designer bag by Polina Kaestner and I am ready to tuck myself in to a café for the rest of the day.

French Stripes

Now that I feel Paris bound, I will leave you with a little ditty by the First Lady of France. À la prochaine!

PHOTOSHOOT MUSIC: Carla Bruni – Quelqu’un M’a Dit


Hair: !lamb – Bonjour Operator (Twix)
Skin: Redgrave – Paulina 05 Fair
Eyes: MMS – Dark Brown Eyes
Glasses: VINTAGEwear – Essential Frames (Metal)
Outfit: Emery – Dora
Shoes: Shiny Things – Criss cross ballet flats (black)
Gloves: Fleur – Long Leather Gloves (Black)
Bag: Polina Kaestner – French Bag (Noir)
Baguette: HANAUTA – Baguette (re-attached to left hand)
Cigarette Holder: Foxy’s Smoke Shop – Cig 4.2 Aly Silver Bitchstick Switch (S) -Hand
Poses from Vain Inc’s *V*Xen and *V*Elle sets.


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on January 24, 2009.

10 Responses to “Parlez-Vous Français?”

  1. Oui, very french indeed 😉 love it <33

  2. The images aren’t loading for the last 2 posts for me…for like over a week now :(.

  3. *steals the bag and runs*
    love the look! ❤

    À demain.

  4. @ Lauryn – Merci beacoup! <333

    @ Elliott – onoes! I know I’ve been linking to images that we upload to imageshack, but I will go in and re-upload them direct from the hard drive. Just out of curiousity, are you using Firefox or Internet Explorer?

    @ Ana – hahah you really are on a bag kick! Thank you for stopping by <33

    bisous! xoxo

  5. I’m using internet explorer, which could be the cause of my problems. I just tried looking in Firefox and last weeks post came up but this weeks didn’t. Oh well it could just be me.

  6. Hmmm well that’s not good! I re-uploaded the previous 2 posts in jpg format. We typically use png. and I know that looks better in Firefox, but it should still show up in IE as far as I know. Hopefully that will help some! If not, feel free to IM me in-world.

  7. /me breaks off a bite of your baguette. Ohhhlalaaahhh…!!! I brought the cheese and wine, you have the bread! Picnic time pretty lady! yay!! /me loves this <33

  8. Cheese and wine, mais oui! This shall be an epic picnic! I wonder if there’s a French equivalent for *nahm*? lol

  9. oui ces tres chic

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