Keiko Morigi first found acclaim for her photography and editing skills, a testament of which is her highly popular flick stream.  No surprise really that her artistry translates in to the world of fashion with ease and her store &Bean has been quickly building an inventory of unique outfits and must have separates.  Her creations are also very en pointe where trends are concerned, making it easy to meld fashion with your own personal sense of style.


Both the jacket and pants are from &Bean, and while they’re sold as separates, I couldn’t resist matching them up. I tried a few shirts with this outfit, but found that a simple black bra completed the look and really allowed the detail on the high waisted pants to shine (love those zippers!).

The bra might be a bit much for day-to-day gridlife, but I love it from an editorial viewpoint.  For a toned down alternative, MichaMi’s glam tanks look great with these pants (and just about everything else!).

I could go on, but I think the thing I love most about this outfit, and &Bean’s pieces in general, is that it’s seemed to find a fashion loophole by being retro and modern at the same time. Gotta love those fashion cycles, and Keiko, and &Bean. ❤

P.S. Keiko names most of her products after song titles and her entire store makes for a killer playlist.


Hair: Vintagewear – Pushed and Shoved (Golden Blonde)
Skin: Redgrave – Leona Pale (Smoky)
Eyes: MMS – Dark Brown Eyes
Lashes: Redgrave – MoulinRouge
Jacket: &Bean – Maps! \o/
Bra: Armidi Intimizzio – Classic Vita Set (Black)
Pants: &Bean – We own the sky (Dark)
Shoes: Armidi Gisaci – Viniani Heel (Black)
Necklace: Armidi Gisaci – Valencia Pearl Necklace (Black)
Poses: Maitreya – CCBirdGirlStand04.4 | [snook] Sweetheart


~ by Dahlia Eilde & Nicolas Sinatra on February 10, 2009.

10 Responses to “Beanstalker”

  1. I can’t get enough of those trousers…sooo cute. You look fab.

  2. rawrrrrr the pants are sexyyyyyyyy!!!! missed This blog always looking glam Dahlia

  3. @Keeley – Aren’t they the best?! Thanks so much for your comment, and I must say I love the &Bean outfit you put together too <3. For those of you that haven’t seen it, check out for a different spin on &Bean.

    @Alla – Ooh I got a rawr! Thank you! The pants are sexy for sure, especially that ‘V’ cutout at the top. My computer is fixed now so hopefully I will be able to blog more frequently and hopefully *fingers crossed* I can look forward to shopping some new Veschi pieces 😉

  4. Very chic! Very stylish!

  5. Thanks so much, Thalia!

  6. le howt as always

  7. \o/ Thank you and holy crap ( can I say crap here?) YOU TOTALLY ROCK THAT OUTFIT! I haven’t even paired those together myself!
    THANK YOU! \<3/

  8. @Vanity! This blog was all you bebe. Thank you for dropping subtle reminders on a daily basis that I should really do a blog, and of course, thank you for putting me in touch with the fabulous Keiko! <333

    @Keiko, haha you can say whatever you like here (trust me, much worse words have been said.. mostly by Nic though. lol) I am so glad you like the outfit! Your pieces really are spectacular as separates or as an ensemble. Needless to say you are SO welcome and thank you for giving me something that made me want to post again! ❤

  9. sure look like a hot chic to me

  10. Some people were not interested with fashion such as watch jewelry etc. some are quite simple. However most of the women who really loves jewelries …

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